BET Concrete Electric Heating Cable - ELEKTRA

Electric Heating Cable for Protecting Concrete While Curing


Ready-to-install concrete (béton) heating cables from ELEKTRA BET are made composed of a heating cable that has a power supply wire with a hermetic plug connected to one end. Concrete heating cables from ELEKTRA BET are made specifically for curing concrete in cold climates and are intended for direct installation on reinforcement.

Too low a temperature has a negative effect on concrete binding because it increases the possibility of water freezing in freshly put concrete and causes mechanical damage due to the increase (by more than 9%) in water volume upon freezing. In temperatures below 0°C, the next concern is concrete surface freezing and a lack of full binding.

The new ELEKTRA BET concrete heating cables efficiently alleviate this problem by helping the binding process from the middle of the concrete volume. Furthermore, they are simple to install, do not require transformers or a specialized power supply, do not necessitate the building of any auxiliary closed structures or the heating of whole rooms and volumes, and provide the option of maintaining the appropriate temperature for curing.

Type Heating cable length (m) Power output (W)
BET 32/105 3,3 105
BET 40/540 13,5 540
BET 40/1360 34,0 1360
BET 40/3320 83,0 3320

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