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Snow and Ice Melting Heating Cable

Thermon KSR-Self-Regulating-Heat-Cable

The Thermon KSR Self-Regulating Industrial Heat Tracing Cable, an integral component of Thermon’s SnoTrace™ snow and ice melting systems, is designed and approved for direct burial, showcasing exceptional durability amidst the challenges encountered during concrete placement.


Snow and Ice Melting KSR self-regulating heating trace heaters play a crucial role in Thermon’s SnoTrace™ snow and ice melting systems. Tailored and approved specifically for direct burial, the KSR cable withstands the harsh conditions inherent in concrete placement. The self-regulating heat output of KSR adapts dynamically to the surrounding concrete temperatures. In freezing conditions, KSR delivers maximum power output, adjusting as the concrete warms up to ensure energy efficiency without the need for special or sophisticated controls.


Designing the circuit layout for a snow and ice melting system with KSR is a straightforward process. The step-by-step design guide simplifies the determination of heating requirements, selection of trace heater spacing, and establishment of the number of heating circuits and accessories needed to complete the SnoTrace system. Cut-to-length parallel circuitry allows easy adaptation to on-site design variations, reducing or eliminating the need for off-site circuit redesign.


KSR excels in demanding environments such as forms, reinforcing steel, and concrete placement, requiring a rugged trace heater. The KSR cable, with its fluoropolymer jacket and additional silicone rubber outer jacket, offers the necessary durability while remaining flexible enough to adapt to steps, curved walkways, landings, or other confined areas. Installation and termination of KSR are streamlined – simply unreel the required amount of trace heater for the area/circuit and terminate using Thermon circuit fabrication kits and accessories. Specifically designed for the demanding application, power connections, splice kits, end terminations, and expansion joint kits ensure a seamless and reliable installation process.

KSR Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  • 3 mm2 (16 AWG) Nickel-Plated Copper Bus Wire
  • Semiconductive Heating Matrix and Fluoropolymer Dielectric Insulation
  • Tinned Copper Metallic Braid
  • Silicone Rubber Outer Jacketa

KSR Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Power Output
    90 W/m (27 W/ft) @ 0 °C (32 °F)
    concrete surface temperature
  • Minimum bend radius
    32 mm (1.25″)
  • Supply voltage
    208-277 Vac
  • Circuit protection
    30 mA ground-fault protection required

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