Symposium on ‘Business and Artificial Intelligence’ by Three Institutions

Symposium on ‘Business and Artificial Intelligence’ by Three Institutions

At the symposium held at the Gebze Technical University Conference Hall, representatives of the local business world shared their experiences and academic cooperation studies on this issue. Resul Orman, President of Gebze Trade and Business Development Platform, who made the opening speech after the silence of respect and the reading of the National Anthem at the symposium, which attracted great interest from the business world, academics and students, pointed out that the distances in the concept of time have shortened today and said that the world is turning into a global village day by day. Orman also emphasized that artificial intelligence has started to take place in every field today.


Abdurrahman Aslantaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gebze Chamber of Commerce, said in his speech that in the past they lived in a world where the world was polluted, and today artificial intelligence is now being discussed and applied. Stating that we are in a good position as a country in artificial intelligence, Aslantaş underlined that everyone should make efforts to make it sustainable. GTU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasari Çelebi said that in the past, the power was in areas such as health, medicine, poetry and magic, and in the 20th century, the greatest power will be informatics and artificial intelligence, and that it has started to be applied extensively in areas such as health, economy and industry. Emphasizing that as a university, they attach great importance to this issue, Çelebi underlined that they have been working with organizations and stakeholders on this issue, including workshops.


Following the opening speeches, GTU Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Yusuf Sinan Akgül and Inovako General Manager Emin Ekşi, SAMM R&D Director Bülent Toksöz, SAMM R&D Director Bülent Toksöz, Inosens General Manager Dr. İsmail Uzun, GTU TTO General Manager Önder Başkaya and CGE Evaluation Board Chairman B. Tülin Seçen shared their views on various topics such as ‘Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Market, Areas and Sectors Where Artificial Intelligence is Used, Global Artificial Intelligence Market Revenue’ and answered the questions of the participants. Panelists pointed out that the business world has recently increased its investments to automate business processes by using artificial intelligence technologies effectively, to gain competitive advantage with data analytics, to offer a superior customer experience and to increase operational efficiency, and emphasized that artificial intelligence has become a critical tool to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions and to seize future opportunities. The symposium ended with the presentation of plaques of appreciation to those who participated and supported the organization.

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