Samm Teknoloji Has Been Awarded the 15th Sectoral Performance Award!

Samm Teknoloji was deemed worthy of the BOD (Large-Scale Enterprise) award in the Electrical Electronics and Automation Products Industry category of the Industry Awards. Our General Manager Ayşe Akşit received her award from Başiskele Mayor Mehmet Yasin Özlü. President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Tahir Buyukakin and Many Business People attended the ceremony.

In order to reward our successful industrial establishments in the Marmara Region, the 15th Sectoral Performance Evaluation Award Ceremony, hosted by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, was held with wide participation.

At the 15th Sectoral Performance Evaluation Award ceremony of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO), 23 companies in 14 sectors were deemed worthy of awards. At the ceremony held at the Wellborn Hotel, the KSO Arbitration and Mediation Center was also inaugurated. The ceremony was attended by Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, KOÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Zafer Canturk, Chairman of the Arbitration and Mediation Center, former Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cemil Çiçek, TOBB President Rifat Hisarçıklıoğlu and KSO President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu and many guests attended.

Kocaeli is Competing Turkey with the World as an Informatics and Innovation City in the Recent Period

Stating that important work has been done in Turkey, Governor Yavuz said; Kocaeli is emerging as a city of science, industry and technology, as well as a city of informatics and innovation, which makes Turkey compete with the world, and gives hope to our nation and geography of our heart. Indeed, this performance, effort and effort of our business people has made itself felt more especially after the pandemic and has increased and reached a growth trend. Once again, congratulations to our Chamber of Industry. I would like to express that we are going through a process in which such great changes and transformations are experienced and in fact we cannot notice the beauties in such chaos. In general, the periods of great changes are the periods when people have difficulty in perceiving, often drowning in details, and cannot look at the big picture. But we all see with satisfaction that there are important works in Turkey. Hopelessness does no one any good. We have full hopes for the future and our belief that we can do better. With this belief, we are here today. I congratulate all the award-winning companies.” Governor Seddar Yavuz said, thanking our Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, who contributed to the organization of the organization.

After the speeches of Deputy Prime Minister of the 60th Government, Cemil Çiçek, the protocol members opened the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Arbitration and Mediation Center.

After the opening ceremony, the protocol members; Belgin Madeni Yaglar Tic. got the award in the Large-Scale Enterprise category. and San. Inc. and SME award in the category of Altaş Aluminum Manufacturing Industry and Trade Inc., Sector Awards; Food Industry SME award was given to Bimbo Qsr Turkey Gıda San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., Large Scale Enterprise Award Aromsa Besin Aroma ve Kattik Maddeleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Defense Industry SME award to System Defense Industry. Trade Inc., Electrical Electronics and Automation Products Large Scale Enterprise Award Samm Teknoloji İletişim San. ve Tic. Inc. Ertuğ Reklam San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Aviation Industry SME award was given to Sima Dış Ticaret Alüminyum San. A.Ş., Construction and Building Materials Industry Large Scale Enterprise Award Nuh Çimento Sanayi A.Ş., Chemical Industry SME Award Malva Kozmetik Petrol Gıda Tur. Ins. Imp. Ihr. Singing. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., Chemical Industry Sector Large Scale Enterprise Award, Polisan Kimya A.Ş., Machinery Industry Sector SME Award Svr Sever Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Machine Industry Sector Large Scale Enterprise Award, Hidropar Motion Control Technologies Center San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Metal Industry Sector SME Award Telform Kelepçe Yay. Singing. Trade A.Ş., Metal Industry Sector Large Scale Enterprise Award Galva Metal San. Trade A.Ş., Wood and Wood Products Industry SME Sector award was given to Montel Mobilya Tekstil Deri Turizm San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Motor Vehicle Service Industry SME Sector award was given to Kocaeli Kaya Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry Sector Large-Scale Enterprise Award, Petroyağ ve Chemicals San. Trade A.Ş., Plastic and Rubber Products Industry Sector SME award was given to İmren Plastik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., Plastic and Rubber Products Industry Sector Large-Scale Enterprise Award Pimtaş Plastik San. Trade A.Ş., Transportation and Logistics Services Sector SME Award Limas Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş., Vehicle Vehicles and Sub-Industry Sector Large Scale Enterprise Award Anadolu Isuzu Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Vehicles and Sub-Industry Sector SME award was given to Altaş Aleminyum İmalat San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Software Products Industry SME award was given to Asis Automation and Fuel System. They congratulated A.Ş. by giving their awards. The program ended after the protocol members took a group photo with the award-winning companies to commemorate the day.

About Samm Teknoloji

Samm Teknoloji is a manufacturing and engineering company with services in different sectors, especially fiber optic systems and IoT. It has many patents in fiber to the home infrastructure (FTTH) and Data Center equipment, and has developed a wide variety of products in its own field and presented it to the use of the industry.

In addition, it is among the leading companies with its services in turnkey electrical contracting works, heat tracing, and informatics sectors.


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