Research & Development

In SAMM Teknoloji, R & D studies are carried out in order to discover new products and production processes. Our company continues to work with the awareness that the main factor determining competitiveness is the high and sustainable efficiency of R&D and innovation. SAMM Teknoloji has achieved many accomplishments thanks to the innovative approach we implement in the Research and Development field.


SAMM Teknoloji has set its mission to reduce the dependency on foreign producers. This is why it implements creative solutions in common projects to turn them into research and development innovative projects.


After a thorough evaluation under variant standards, The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Turkey has declared SAMM Teknoloji as a Research and Development Center, under the law No: 5746 on supporting R&D design centers.


In order to further strengthen its position in the field of technology, R&D and innovation; SAMM Teknoloji realized a lot of collaboration with many public, private and academic organizations that work on the development of technology.


SAMM Teknoloji, which attaches great importance to the protection of the technology developed by the technology developer, has also registered and produced the results of R & D activities as patents and utility models.


Besides developing new technology, SAMM emphasizes on the protection of developed technology and has registered and officially produced many technology patents and models.


In the scope of Research and Development studies concerning digitalization of objects and IoT (internet of things) concepts, SAMM Teknoloji has successfully created, using Raspberry Pi, many automation systems, server based client solutions and various multimedia systems.


Have given great importance to innovation, SAMM Teknoloji always aims to create environments in which innovative ideas are systematically evaluated. That’s why, in addition to its own R&D resources, SAMM has cooperated with many universities and research institutions, which has made technology development studies more intensive, versatile and has faster results.