Raychem Product Newsletter 4

Raychem Product Newsletter 4

In recent winters, Europe has experienced extreme weather with temperatures as low as -25°C. In cold weather, we rely on our boiler installation to keep our family warm. But cold temperatures can result in a major increase in frozen condensate drainage pipes from condensing (high effciency) boilers. The blockage can stop the condensate flowing away causing the boiler to shut off when it is needed most. Installing FrostGuard will prevent pipes from freezing, keeping you safe and warm this winter.

Raychem FrostGuard is an energy effcient heating cable kit which is fxed either in or onto the condensate pipe to prevent it from freezing. It includes smart self regulating technology which means in very cold conditions, the heater cable produces more heat and in milder freezing conditions, less heat. This means you get freeze protection and energy effciency all rolled into one! The simple Plug ‘n’ Play system requires no specialist electrical knowledge. Simply plug into the electrical socket and fx to the pipe.

What should I do if I already have a frozen installation?

Don’t panic, the guidance below will help resolve the problem and prevent a recurrence. Note: Remedial action should be carried out by a competent installer or service engineer.

1. Locate the blockage.

It is likely that the pipe is frozen at the most exposed point external to the building. This could be the open end of the pipe, at a bend or elbow. The location of the blockage should be identifed before taking further action.

2. Thaw the frozen pipe.

The pipe can be thawed by applying a hot water bottle, a microwaveable heating pack (the sort used for muscular aches and pains) or cloths soaked in warm water to the exterior of the pipe, close to the point of blockage. Warm water can also be poured onto the pipe from a watering can or similar container. Do not use boiling water.

3. Install the Raychem FrostGuard product.

Install the FrostGuard heating cable kit onto or into the pipe in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. If installed onto the pipe, the pipe should also be insulated.

4. Reset/restart the boiler.

Once the blockage has cleared consult the boiler operating instruction, or check the manufacturer’s website, for guidance on any action needed to clear the fault code/alarm and restart the boiler. If this does not succeed you should call in a competent engineer to assess the situation and take further action if required.

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