Planned Outage Works at Kemerköy Power Plant Has Started

Planned Outage Works at Kemerköy Power Plant Has Started

As SAMM Teknoloji , Planned Outage works at the Kemerköy Power Plant, where we started the construction of pre-outage works by signing a contract on 6 May 2019, have started as of 01.10.2019.

It is planned that the outage process which starts with the dismantling of old panels, instruments and power and control cables belonging to Electrical and Control systems will continue with the assembly of modern technological equipments.

As SAMM Technology, we are mobilized in the field with a strong and experienced team in Electrical and Instrumentation works.

Our expert team has started to the calibration works in our Calibration Laboratory where established in climatic environment conditions to perform the Instrument Calibration services.

In the power plant area consisting of three units and common systems, the outage processes of the other units will be started with the re-commissioning of the first unit of the power plant area.

Our goal is to successfully complete the project by maintaining the “Zero Accident, Zero Tolerance” target

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