JDSU fibernetowork

Fiber Networks – Illuminating the core technology of global communications

Did you know that a single fiber – with multiple colors of light – could transmit the entire contents of the Library of Congress in just 16 seconds?  And that’s just on one single fiber! You’ll learn that and more. 

As Enzo remarked: “In our world of communications, fiber optics have become vital.  Today, just like electricity or transportation, no one could imagine their life without fiber optic telecom networks.”

About Samm Teknoloji

Samm Teknoloji is a manufacturing and engineering company with services in different sectors, especially fiber optic systems and IoT. It has many patents in fiber to the home infrastructure (FTTH) and Data Center equipment, and has developed a wide variety of products in its own field and presented it to the use of the industry.

In addition, it is among the leading companies with its services in turnkey electrical contracting works, heat tracing, and informatics sectors.


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