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Our Services

Our Services


Electrical, Instrumentation & Contracting:


As Samm Technology, we are committed to work in the energy sector. Mainly we do sales and turnkey projects that require special expertise. For many years we have been providing engineering and execution services of electrical and instrumentation works.


Our work includes:

  • Design
  • Following OSH rules in employment and projects execution
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Instrument Calibration and Verification
  • Electrical cabling, data cabling and fiber optic cabling
  • Cable raceways, undergrounds and earthing
  • I&E Test And Commissioning Activities
  • Electrical installation
    • Transformers
    • HV/MV and LV Switchgear Installation
    • HV/MV Cable Termination
    • Isolated Phase Busduct Installation
    • UPS and DC system installation including batteries
    • Small Power System
  • Instrument Installation
    • Transmittal installation
    • Gauge installation
    • Tubing installation
    • Instrument air installation
    • Control valves
    • Junction box installation
    • DCS and Control Systems
  • I&E Test And Commissioning Activities
    • AC and DC Hipot
    • Panels
    • Continuity and Insulation Resistance Measuring
    • Transformers
    • Generator and Motors Testing
    • Busbar Systems
    • UPS Systems
    • Grounding Resistance Measurement
    • Loop checks
    • Leak testing for instrument piping

We accomplish all turnkey projects meeting the required expertise. Although, some projects are in the conducted in hazardous, they are thoroughly studied and executed strictly under international OSH rules. SAMM Technology is one of the companies that would never tolerate overlooking these disciplines. On the other hand, not only do we execute turnkey projects but also provide consulting and commissioning services; all with bearing the same efficiency in quality and discipline.


As Samm Technology we are establishing a new laboratory at STAR refinery to serve instrument calibration and verification purposes. The instruments within the plan of this lab will able to provide more than 90% of desired range. Our lab will allow the storage of very large instruments within it in an air conditioned environment allowing multiple teams work without any difficulties. The laboratory will be managed by advanced technical teams for separate sections in a capacity enough for many companies.
Besides, if a workshop is established it will be qualified to test electrical panels, transformers, bus duct, security and communication systems and all kinds of electrical systems. With the use of latest technology testing instruments by our team of experts in the field, we can perform AC Hipot tests on MV cables according to IEC standards.


The Scope of Services of Electrical Testing and Calibration Laboratories


Our electrical testing and calibration laboratories cover the services needed in many types of industrial plants such as refineries, natural gas plants, thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, hydroelectric power plants, petrochemical facilities and more. All of that is done by using the onsite measurement devices for the levels of temperature, pressure, flow, vibration and humidity. Furthermore, after a long experience in the design criteria and handling many faulty equipment and adjusting other to their perfect performance we can do all electrical tests and calibrations under the IEC standards. Through our calibration laboratories Industrial plants, buildings and factories can benefit from engineering, installation, checkups and maintenance during operation of different electrical equipment, all types of MV and LV control panels, cables, transformers, buses, generators, motors, lighting, fire systems, lightning protection tests and ground measurements. Ours are the first mobile electrical and instrument calibration laboratories in all of Turkey.


To know more about our services, you can either visit our References page or contact us directly.




Tyco Thermal is the developer of Heat Tracing Structures , and for about 20 years, these structures have been used for pipes, heating systems, melting ice and snow. They contain a complete list of materials and design tools that help provide a one-to-one matching to the most economical heating systems. They are confirmed to give best results and best flexibility to suit the needs of any client and easy maintenance.


Floorheating Planner:


If you want to use a space heating system in your house but you don't even know how to start, or what materials you need to use, all you need is to use Tyco's Floor heating planner software, where you can design your own system and its drafts by following our related online guides. Using this software, you can enter the type and the dimensions of the area which needs to be heated and the type of the system you desire; and you get the best fitting design for your project that ensures the best results. Moreover, you can contact us or our nearest retailer for our free design services. Click here to design your own heating system and select the spotless product.


Cost Control for Electrical Space Heating:


Even though electricity is expensive and its bill is usually large, you still can have an electric space heating system in your house. This system is definitely one of the most economical solutions for you. Through its measures, especially insulations measures, the system ensures that no energy loss takes place. Furthermore, all the measures are done assuming the house is heated at the full capacity of the system. Each project deserves a particular design for it to be installed in a convenient method until it is ready to be used, that is what Tyco Thermal Control systems provide


Fiber Optic Products Design, Engineering and Maintenance:


The complete assembly of the products of SAMM can be provided upon request. Not only do we aim for adapting to competitive market conditions with our assembly team but also ensuring the correct usage of our products. Therefore, our company's philosophy is providing installation services with maximum advantage to our customers all the time, and also to supply the best quality and reliable products.

Our own fiber optic group provides internal and external installment of our products to any location, and we give additional services to ensure an accurate and reliable operation of fiber systems. Eventually, all these services keep guarantee the durability of projects and customers’ satisfaction. However, our installment branch is only responsible for our own products and does not install any other brands' products. We only do this to ensure installments are done professionally and on time.

Duet our experience in fiber optic business, we always keep product quality and service capabilities at the highest level. On the other hand, we work with subcontractors chosen perfectly to complete the installment of long distance network products.



Fiber Optic Production:


SAMM started to produce Huber Suhner approved patch cords and pigtails in 2006. Huber Suhner is one of the biggest brands in the world, which produce Fiber optic patch cords and pigtails. After a stringent inspection and accreditation process, SAMM FOREIGN TRADE CORP became authorized by Huber Suhner brand to produce fiber optic patch cords and pigtails in Turkey. Now, SAMM has a production line with a very high production capacity in a modern firm.


References and History


New Products

SmartOTDR 138FA - Handheld Fiber Tester
SmartOTDR 138FA - Handheld Fiber Tester
Price excl. VAT:$4,866.67
Price inc. VAT:$5,742.67
Constant Force Springs
Constant Force Springs
Price excl. VAT:$0.00
Price inc. VAT:$0.00
Miller MSAT 16 Mid-Span Access Tool
Miller MSAT 16 Mid-Span Access Tool
Price excl. VAT:$0.00
Price inc. VAT:$0.00


Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Price excl. VAT:$14.61
Price inc. VAT:$17.24
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3
Price excl. VAT:$29.43
Price inc. VAT:$34.72
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
Price excl. VAT:$9.86
Price inc. VAT:$11.64

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