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Temperature Maintenance: up to 150⁰C

Thermon FP-Parallel-Constant-Watt-Heating-Cable

The Thermon FP Parallel Constant-Watt Industrial Heating Cable is a reliable and efficient solution meticulously crafted to provide freeze protection or process temperature maintenance for piping, tanks, and equipment. This heating cable utilizes a parallel resistance configuration, offering the advantage of being easily cut to length and terminated in the field with convenient kits provided by Thermon.

Designed to excel in both freeze protection and process temperature maintenance applications, FP cables deliver consistent and reliable heat outputs irrespective of circuit length. Unlike self-regulating heating cables, FP cables do not exhibit inrush current, eliminating the necessity for oversizing power distribution equipment. This feature not only simplifies the installation process but also contributes to cost efficiency.

FP cables are approved for use in various environments, including ordinary (nonclassified) areas, hazardous (classified) areas, and Zone 2 classified areas. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial settings where maintaining optimal temperatures is critical.

In summary, the FP Parallel Constant-Watt Industrial Heating Cable offers a straightforward and dependable solution for freeze protection and process temperature maintenance. Its parallel resistance configuration, ease of field termination, and elimination of inrush current make it a practical choice for diverse industrial applications. Choose FP cables for a reliable and efficient heating solution that ensures the integrity of piping, tanks, and equipment in various environments.

FP Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. Copper bus wires (12 AWG)
  2. Nichrome heating element
  3. Heater bus connection (not shown)
  4. Fiberglass overlay
  5. Fluoropolymer dielectric Insulation
  6. Tinned copper braid
  7. Fluoropolymer over jacket provides additional protection for cable and braid where exposure to chemicals or corrosives is expected.

FP Industrial Heating Cable Specifications

  • Available Watt densities: 2.5, 5, 10 w/ft (8, 16, 33 w/m)
  • Supply voltage: 120/240 Vac nominal
  • Maximum maintenance temperature: 65°C (150°F)
  • Maximum continuous exposure temperature: Power-off 204°C (400°F)
  • Minimum installation temperature: -60°C (-76°F)
  • Minimum bend radius:
    @ 5°F (-15°C)  0.38” (10 mm)
    @ -76°F (-60°C)   .75” (19 mm)
  • T-rating:
    Based on stabilized design           T3 to T6

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