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SAMM Teknoloji is a Turkish company that was founded in 2003, with very low capital, by 4 engineering friends who believe that the engineers and technicians of this country can create world-class values.


SAMM Teknoloji, continuously adds all of its earnings to its capital. As of the end of 2021, SAMM Teknoloji already has two production facilities of 7000 square meters in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, an R&D center, offices in Izmir and Ankara, subsidiary companies in Germany and Turkey, and nearly 600 employees. SAMM Teknoloji offers products and solutions in the fields of telecommunications, informatics, fiber optic sensing technologies, energy contracting and heating.


SAMM Teknoloji offers products and solutions minding two questions "What does a customer want? and what does a customer really need?". SAMM Teknoloji aims at the highest level of competence of all its employees in the workflow, and as a result customer satisfaction is efficiently achieved. Being aware of the need to be an expert in the products and services it offers, SAMM Teknoloji always offers the "optimal" solution and offers the right product in a cost-effective approach.


SAMM Teknoloji was registered as an R&D Center in 2018, within the scope of Law No. 5746 in Turkey. Since then, it has developed multiple projects in various fields, including optical fiber detection technologies by cooperating various research institutions and universities such as TÜBİTAK, Koç University, Gebze High Technology University, and İzmir Institute of Technology. The outputs of such projects has been prioritized into commercial assets. In addition, SAMM Teknoloji has provided more value to its field of work with 8 patents, 3 utility models, 1 product design document, hundreds of product designs, and additional desktop and mobile software.


Collaborating with other companies to enrich the work progress, has been on on SAMM Teknoloji's top priorities. METSAM, for instance, is compnay founded in cooperation with Bilkent Holding and SAMM Teknoloji and its facilities are currently under construction in Ankara. In 2023, METSAM will start producing optical fiber preform, which is the basic raw material for quartz series optical fiber production. In addition, R&D studies in photonics and related fields are also planned to take palce at METSAM.


In order to contribute to equal opportunity in education, SAMM Teknoloji has donated computers and IoT components to village schools, students and young people who have not yet met the software, and students whose financial situation is not suitable for such studies. In addition, it regularly gives non-refundable scholarships to 17 university students.


The main information about the product and solution groups, offered by SAMM Teknoloji, are as follows:


  1. Telecom

    1. SAMM Teknoloji is among the first Turkish companies to specialize in interconnection passive equipment, known as "Connectivity Solutions" in the telecommunications sector.
    2. SAMM Teknoloji is currently an approved supplier for CERN, The European Center for Nuclear Research. CERN is located in Switzerland and its name is derived from its French title "Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire".
    3. SAMM Teknoloji started fiber optic cable production in 2018 and became the leading company in the field of "special purpose fiber optic cables", which is lacking in this sector. Its annual production capacity is 70,000 km of fiber optic cables.
    4. SAMM Teknoloji is one of the leading companies in Turkey, producing fiber optic cables and interconnection equipment, data center structured cabling products, with a production area of approximately 7000 square meters.
    5. SAMM Teknoloji is the first Premier partner for VIAVI (formerly known as JDSU) in Turkey, and it provides sales and after-sales calibration and maintenance services of all VIAVI fiber optic and communication test and measurement devices, such as OTDR test devices. This work is carried out within our company with a certification from TSE HYB and under the administration of VIAVI Solutions.
    6. SAMM Teknoloji is accountable for the design, engineering, assembly and reporting of the Turkcell Superonline GPON project (Fiber FTTH to the Homes), which was installed for the first time in Turkey for approximately 2 million subscriptions, and was successfully completed.
    7. SAMM Teknoloji has become an exemplary and pioneering brand in the sector, providing cost and time advantages in projects, reducing dependency on imported products and adopting the new movement of domestic production.
    8. Within the scope of Türk Telekom A.Ş. projects, SAMM Teknoloji was the first company to supply the highest number of fiber optic interconnection cables, with 4.5 million connectors in a single order.
    9. SAMM Teknoloji is one of the companies that completed most of the work on data centers in Turkey. It works with all mobile and landline telecommunication operators as well as corporate data centers, system integrators, public institutions and organizations.
  2. Informatics

    1. Samm Teknoloji's enthusiasm in the field of Informatics started with the development of smart projectors in 2011. Those technologically advanced projectors, allowed users to convert any surface into a large touch screen using a special pen. The sales volume for the smart projectors was 10,000 units. In its day, it was a very successful project.
    2. SAMM Teknoloji, which is the main distributor of Raspberry Pi in Turkey and other different development cards and robotics products, offers online sales and engineering services of electronic product groups for education and R&D. In addition, with the sense of responsibility for being a main Industry 4.0 and robotics products and services provider, SAMM Teknoloji continues to deliver its informatics products to any point within the Turkey. In addition, with the help of market.samm.come-commerce website, thousands of products are exportes from Turkey to the whole world with same day shipping.
    3. Moreover, Farnell, which one of the biggest distributors of electrical components in the world with headquarters in the UK, has elected Samm Teknoloji as the main logistic partner in Turkey. Our company continues to meet the needs for electronic components in the country by delivering electronic components every week to R&D, P&D, and production companies. Samm continues to offers more than two million of Farnell electronic component products on the dedicated e-commerce website
  3. Fiber Optic Detection Technologies

    1. As a result of the cooperation agreement signed with TÜBİTAK Bilgem in 2019, a fiber optic-based distributed acoustic detection system (FOTAS) was developed and commercialized by the SAMM Teknoloji R&D center.
    2. FOTAS is a system that detects acoustic signals formed around a fiber optic cable. it classifies these signals with the help of the developed artificial intelligence software and gives reports and alarms to end users.
    3. The main uses of FOTAS are monitoring of oil and natural gas pipelines, perimeter security, monitoring of telecom and electrical infrastructures, and smart city applications.
    4. SAMM Teknoloji continues its R&D studies on fiber optic-based distributed temperature and voltage sensing, also known as FBG-based single fiber sensors.
  4. Energy Contracting

    1. SAMM Teknoloji's professionalism in the way it does business, its compliance with OHS and related legislation, and the training level of its personnel caught the attention of international companies. In this context, porject proposals has been submitted to SAMM Teknoloji for electrical work mega project that include heating and telecommunication works.
    2. SAMM Teknoloji has been working as the electrical contracting company of Star Refinery, which is the largest single point investment of the engery sector in Turkey and it is owned by Socar since 2015.
    3. SAMM Teknoloji, signed a contract with GKE Energy in May 2019 within the scope of electrical instrumentation works in the rehabilitation project of Kemerköy Power Plant, and this project still continues today.
  5. Heating

    1. Since 2006, SAMM Teknoloji has signed for the application of many electrical heating projects, especially in industrial and commercial areas.
    2. SAMM Teknoloji cooperates with brands that are less known in Turkey but necessary for the Turkish economy and that require a lot expertise. And it has made these product groups the market leaders with a lot of effort and determination.
    3. SAMM Teknoloji incorporates engineering knowledge more into its work with the cooperation agreement it has made with the American heat tracing company Thermon .
    4. including turnkey “EPCM”; SAMM Teknoloji provides engineering, supply, installation and project management of heating cables in power plants, refineries and natural gas pipelines, including turnkey “EPCM” in foreign and domestic projects of Turkish construction companies.
    5. SAMM Teknoloji has completed a total of 15 Gigawatt power plant electrical heating systems.
    6. SAMM Teknoloji has performed electrical heating or liquid leakage monitoring works as the main contractor in worldwide projects such as Mardan Palace, Kanyon, Sabiha Gökçen, Marmaray, TANAP.
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