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About Us

Samm Technology Factory

About Us


Company name:


Established in: 2003
Tax Office: İlyasbey
Tax Number: 7420300220
Paid-in Capital: 10.000.000 TL
Average Number of Employees: 200
Trade Registration No: 22448
D&B No: 56-556-8925
Mersis No: 0-7420-3002-2000011
Quality Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
Central Address: Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (GOSB)
İhsandede Cd. 800. Sok No: 802, 41400 Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey



SAMM Technology; is a Turkish company that offers products and solutions to the telecommunication, information and construction sectors.


With our R&D supported production, we are able to produce solutions that provide added value especially for telecommunication, informatics and heating projects.


The products we distribute are telecommunication passive equipment, heat monitoring and preservation products, and installation and engineering services are also provided for these products.


In businesses requiring companies’ collaboration, SAMM conducts project management or exercise leadership in undertaking import, export and contracting. By the work of our trained technical and administrative staff SAMM takes the initiative and responsibility in finishing logistic and engineering ventures, including construction, contracting and turnkey projects.


As well as our technical staff, our banking, financial and logistic staff are extensively trained and experienced with all the necessary means and equipment to ensure concluding all our projects professionally on schedule.


Some significant information about our company (up to the end of 2019)

  1. General

    1. It is a Turkish company founded by 4 engineers with zero capital.
    2. The sum of the capital and the main benefits added to it reached 10 million TL.
    3. Balance sheet worth has exceeded 100 million TL
    4. Our company has provided 17 regular scholarships to university students
    5. All loans and investment decisions are made by the board of directors as a unity, and the company’s “self” is infused with all the partners and employees.
    6. (Note, the word “company” in Turkish is “Şirket” which is originally from the Arabic word “شركة” that means partnership and working together as one unit.)
    7. Consequently, many entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses, have benefited from the experience and efforts of our company.
    8. Since 2003, all of our business engineering capabilities and research resulted in one effective formula “What the customer asks for is what he actually needs.”
    9. We do not have the expertise to sell and provide service for our products, unless we are aware of the obligation of having thorough comprehension of them. On the other hand, we always seek, regardless of the financial benefit, to provide the right “optimum” solutions without hesitation.
    10. The company has improved the quality level of all products and fields of business that we have been engaged in.
    11. We have had our ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate since 2012, and our integrated management system was established by obtaining Environment (ISO 14001) and OHS (OHSAS 18001) Management system certificates in 2018, an all of these certification documents cover all our fields of activity.
  2. R&D

    1. SAMM Teknoloji was registered as an R&D Center in 2018 under the law number 5746.
    2. We primarily develop products that support our own business lines.
    3. In this context, we have completed and commercialized different projects with many universities and research institutions.
    4. We aim to be one of the companies that best implement university-industry cooperation.
    5. In 2020 we aim to productize our FOTAS (fiber optic based acoustic detection system) project, which we have been working on for a long time, and present it to the global market.
    6. In addition to developing new products, improving product quality and improving our production and testing facilities, we also use IoT products to offer new devices and test systems to the Turkish market.
  3. Logistics, Warehousing and International Trade

    1. Our company is annually engaged in an average of 10 Million TL worth of importing and exporting.
    2. It now operates over 5000 m2 of storage facilities, in GOSB "Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi", Gebze Organized Industry District.
    3. We established our Oracle JD Edwards ERP system in 2010, and in 2018 we were the first company to use Oracle Fusion ERP system and move all of our work to the cloud.
  4. Telecommunication Group

    1. SAMM teknoloji is among the first Turkish companies established as an expert in the Telecom business sector known as “Connectivity Solutions: interconnection passive equipment”.
    2. As of the end of 2019, SAMM has provided additional added value to its work with 8 patents, 3 utility models, 1 product design certificate, hundreds of product designs and additional desktop and mobile software.
    3. In 2018, we started to produce Fiber Optic cables and became the leading company in the field of "special purpose fiber optic cables", which is lacking in our sector. Our annual production capacity is 70,000 km of fiber optic cables.
    4. With about 7000 m㎡ fiber optic cabling, interconnection equipment and Data Center structured cabling SAMM is one of the leading producers in Turkey.
    5. With TSE HYB certification and the partnership with VIAVI, formally known as JDSU, our company has been working in sales and after sales calibration and maintenance of fiber optic communication test and measurement equipment like OTDR and other test devices.
    6. SAMM Teknoloji successfully completed the design, engineering, installation and reporting of the first Turkcell Superonline GPON FTTH (Fiber to The Home) projects, which provided internet for 2 million subscribers.
    7. As a company that provides cost and time advantages in projects, reduces dependence on imported products, and adopts the idea of new domestic production, SAMM has become an exemplary and pioneering brand in the sector.
    8. Our company is the first to supply Türk Telekom with the highest number of fiber optic interconnection cables, with 4.5 million connectors, in a single order.
    9. SAMM is one of the companies that executed the most of Data Center work in the market, and we work with corporate data centers, system integrators, public institutions and organizations as well as all mobile and fixed telecommunication operators.
  5. Heating Group

    1. Since 2006, we have signed for many application projects especially in the sector of Industrial and Commercial electric heating cables.
    2. We started a cooperation with brands that are less known but essential in the Turkish economy, and we have transformed them into market leaders with our own efforts and determination.
    3. We are incorporating more of our engineering knowledge into our work, especially with the cooperation agreement we made last year with the American company Thermon.
    4. We have completed many international and domestic EPCM "Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management" projects of heating cables in power plants, refineries and natural gas pipelines with turnkey completion, for many Turkish construction companies.
    5. As of 2019, our company has completed about +/- 15 G watt of electrical heating systems for power plants.
    6. Our company has carried out many electrical heating and leak detection systems for many worldwide major projects such as: Mardan Palace, Kanyon, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Marmaray and TANAP
  6. IT Group

    1. In 2011 SAMM Technoloji was the first in Turkey to develop Smart Interactive Projectors, which are wall displays that can be controlled using a Smart Pen. After 10 thousand successful sales of Smart Interactive Projectors and after effectively providing many schools with these projectors, this project was stopped in 2014 because many foreign and domestic companies copied the product.
    2. Having become the main distributor in Turkey for Raspberry Pi and other development boards, our online sales and engineering service of education and R&D electronics products have improved every year and have been successfully presented by our IT Group
    3. Since 2015, we have donated around 1000 product kits to schools, thus contributing to the introduction of computers to village schools, students who are not financially able and young people who are interested in R&D but had not had the chance to learn about computers and software.
    4. The Turkish Industry 4.0 analysis presented a great future vision about robotic products and services, which we studied very thoroughly, and we have felt a sense of social responsibility to achieve this vision in our country.
    5. Our IT Group's work on robotic electronics, which was a side project for us in the early days, has been highly appreciated by our customers, suppliers and even our competitors. In addition, our consistent stance in the electronics industry has gained us a corporate identity and a lot of attention in this sector.
    6. Our agreement with Farnell, which we made in 2016, have helped us supply the Turkish industry with electronic components with more suitable logistics and have contributed a lot in the R&D market.
  7. Energy Contracting Group

    1. SAMM Technology’s has proved to be outstanding in energy business with its efficiency, OHS, staff quality and adherence to international regulations, and caught the attention of most international companies.
    2. By carrying out major heating and telecommunication businesses we claimed the right to do the first mega electric energy project for Turkey's largest new refinery. We have signed with SOCAR and already started doing the entire electric infrastructure in Ege Star Refinery.
    3. This project will be finished by the end of 2017, by the hands of 15 engineers, 15 administrators and about 150 employees.
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