İntersec-Samm Teknoloji

We Are Pleased to Share Exciting Moments From Our Participation in Intersec 2024.

We are pleased to share the exciting highlights from our participation at Intersec 2024, where SAMM Teknoloji had the privilege to engage with industry leaders and explore cutting-edge solutions.

The fair served as a fantastic platform to foster collaboration, especially in the realm of fiber optic distributed sensing. Exploring innovative possibilities and discussing the future of technology has been truly inspiring.

A special shoutout to our esteemed partners, Vivotek and Genetec! It was fantastic to connect and strategize on how we can collectively drive advancements in the industry. Our partnership with Genetec, in particular, holds immense promise for the future.

We are honored to have received an exclusive invitation to the opening of the Genetec Experience Center in Dubai. This signifies a new chapter in our collaboration, and we look forward to exploring the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

At SAMM Teknoloji, we believe in pushing boundaries and creating solutions that redefine the industry. The collaborations forged at Intersec 2024, especially with Genetec, are a testament to our commitment to innovation, excellence, and a shared vision for the future.