Contract Signed for Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Underground Storage Project

Date: 2020-10-02

Contract Signed for Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Underground Storage Project

As SAMM Teknoloji, and in cooperation with Cavern Electrical and Instrumentation Supply and Installation Works, we have signed with CHINA CAMC ENG. CO. - IC İÇTAŞ for Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Underground Storage Project

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IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding A.Ş., which was founded in 1969 and continues its activities under a Holding umbrella today. (IC Holding) mainly carries out its activities in the sectors of Construction, Energy Generation and Distribution, Tourism, Industry, and Infrastructure.

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With rich experience in international project contracting area, CAMCE’s business mainly consists of engineering procurement construction (EPC) projects, domestic and overseas investment and trade. CAMCE has completed about a hundred large-scale turnkey projects and equipment export projects. CAMCE’s global presence is felt in Asia, Africa, America and Eastern Europe. Its business covers industrial projects, agricultural projects, water engineering projects, power projects, communications projects, petrochemical projects and mining projects. All completed projects have received high recognition from project owners.

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About SAMM Teknoloji

SAMM Teknoloji; is a Turkish company that offers products and solutions to the telecommunication, information and construction sectors.

With our R&D supported production, we are able to produce solutions that provide added value especially for telecommunication, informatics and heating projects.

The products we distribute are telecommunication passive equipment, heat monitoring and preservation products, corrosion protection and prevention solutions used in the oil and energy sector, and installation and engineering services are also provided for these products.

In businesses requiring companies’ collaboration, SAMM conducts project management or exercise leadership in undertaking import, export and contracting. By the work of our trained technical and administrative staff SAMM takes the initiative and responsibility in finishing logistic and engineering ventures, including construction, contracting and turnkey projects.

As well as our technical staff, our banking, financial and logistic staff are extensively trained and experienced with all the necessary means and equipment to ensure concluding all our projects professionally on schedule.

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