SOCAR Star Rafineri

The new economic STAR of Turkey is continuing to rise in Izmir

“As a sum out of all the workers dedicated for this project, about 15 million working hours have been done, up till now. Besides, all the refinery construction works are done by all our 8,200 employees under HSE universal standards.

On the other hand, the best way to appreciate the size of this project is by the numbers. We have used 21,000 tons of steel and 78 pieces of the main equipment, which weigh 3,500 tons, have been installed completely. 95 600 square meters of gabion wall have been constructed, 27 million tons of earth have been excavated and 10.5 million tons of concrete have been used for filling. Out of 31,000; 21,000 tons of pipe bridges installations has been completed. A total of 60% of the 2,117 pieces of equipment, which weigh 74,000 tons, will be transferred to the worksite in the next 3 months. Electrical and instrumentation cabling will reach 7,900 km, 75 tanks they have the capacity of 1.7 million square meters are being constructed in the fastest possible manner.

This refinery construction is being continued with great success according the schedule limits and the budget program. In addition, when The STAR Refinery is done and working in 2018, it will be in the second place amongst the 500 largest companies in Turkey.

STAR Refinery will be the perfect addition to the Turkish economy in İzmir and, as SOCAR, we are absolutely proud to sign for such a big project.”

Having completed 54% of the project, our priority is the HSE standards. Our staff in the field is all experts and professionals. Hence, during the past 4 months, since the project started, no serious work accidents have occurred.

Since the first meeting about this project, in December, our employees dedicated for this worksite has reach 50 us. Besides, we are proud to have conducted the first studies of it.

Since March 23 date, we have started working in the building 870R-00 of the substation and we did the first cabling grid implementation of the project using our own designs. Another study we did in In the same March, for the first time in the project, we worked on study for the installation of pipe bridges for the refinery.

We have completed 95%.of the on-ground and underground conduits assembly. In addition to all that, we are continuing the support with our products and installation of any J-box, MCS, luminaire or raceway, needed in the project.

Furthermore, our efforts are aimed to accelerate the rise of this superstructure; as of May we expect the number of our employees to reach 70. On the other hand, our staff onsite, which is 140 people, are all residing in our camp, which accommodates four people in each apartment.  In our scope of work we will establish a calibration laboratory, in order to complete the instruments installation and calibration. This laboratory and its technical staff will have the capacity to provide services for many other firms and projects. The entire electricity substation and panels installations and tests will be done by our staff using our equipment. 

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