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Date: 2010-11-05

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Ramp Heating

Donmuş Rampa'da kayan araç resmi


Ramps, driveways, sidewalks and stairs can cause serious accidents and injuries if snow and ice extremely accumulated on them. Raychem systems eliminate these risks by producing complete floor heating systems all components and accessories.

Any Raychem Snow-Ice melting System consists of heating cables or heating mats, thermostats and sensors. 

Emdr kar-buz eritme termostatları raychemRaychem EM-CW kar bu eritme kablosu Rampalar için Raychem rampa kar-buz eritme kablosu mat şeklinde


They can also be installed in bridges, gutters, drainage pipes and solid platforms; they are mostly beneficial in parking lots, gardens and park. 

Kışın karda donmuş çatı resmi ve kar-buz eritme sistemiYollarda biriken karın eritilmiş hali - Raychem


These underfloor snow melting systems can be installed under many types of surfaces like cement,asphalt and natural stone. All the heating process can work automatically according to the readings of the temperature and moisture sensors. The snow melts and decreases naturally there is no need to shovel it or use salt on it.



rampa kar-buz eritme sistem bilesenleri diagram


Raychem Snow-Ice Protections System consists of:

• Static powerful heating cable (EM-4-CW) or self-regulating heating cable (EM-2-X) 
• Thermostat control unit (VIA-DU-20) 
• Ground temperature and the humidity sensor (VIA-DU-20-S). 

Once the system is programmed properly it may work for years without any human interference.


Designing Raychem Snow-Ice Melting Systems 

raychem kar-buz birikimini engelleme sistemlerinin tasarimi


There is a certain delicate process of calculating the wind speed the average teperature and the thickness of the surface inorder to determine how deep the heating cables should be installed, and which type. This process insures best results with the least cost possible.

raychem ruzgar hizi ortalama sicaklik proje tasarimi

For detailed information 
• EM4-CW ramp Snow Melting Cable 
• EM2-CM ramp Snow Melting Mat 
• EM2-XR ramp Concrete Ice Melting

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