Selahattin ZORALİOĞLU - Efe KILIÇ - Hasan ONOĞUL - Berkin MUNGAN - Yalçın NAK - Muhterem ŞENEL - Mustafa AKŞİT- Murat ATİLLA - Sedat ATİLLA - Ayşe AKŞİT

SAMM Teknoloji is Now Even More Powerful!

Our new partners joined our company at the General Assembly held at our Company Headquarters on November 21, 2023.

Alkima Partners and Türk Telekom Ventures invested in our company through capital increase and the necessary transactions have been completed.

We hope that this beautiful development will be beneficial to our country and our employees in the 100th anniversary of our Republic and the 20th anniversary of our company.

Thus, our growth that has been going on for 20 years will accelerate even more and we will reach international recognition in a shorter time.

We will add more value to our society by achieving greater success!

We would like to thank all our stakeholders who contributed to this process:

  • Mustafa Akşit (SAMM)
  • Murat Atilla (SAMM)
  • Sedat Atilla (SAMM)
  • Ayşe Akşit (SAMM)
  • Alper Nuri Yılmaz (SAMM)
  • Müzeyyen Eğrekçi Bayram (SAMM)
  • Özgür Çayırlı (SAMM)

  • Selahattin Zoralioğlu (Alkima Partners)
  • Efe Deniz Kılıç (Alkima Partners)
  • Hasan Önoğul (Alkima Partners)
  • Berkin T. Mungan (Alkima Partners)
  • Yalçın Nak (Alkima Partners)
  • Muhterem Şenel (Alkima Partners)

  • Muhammed Özhan (TT Ventures CEO)
  • Salim Yılmaz (TT Ventures)

  • Asilhan Özkaya (Özkaya Hukuk)
  • Selahattin Kaya (Baseak)
  • Simge Yılmaz (Baseak)
  • Erkin Tuzcular (Baseak)
  • Alper Onar (Aksan)
  • Ayşegül Yeşilgün (Ata Yatırım)
  • Murat Bozkurt (Ata Yatırım)
  • Oğuzhan Şentürk (Ata Yatırım)
  • Alp Can Gökdeniz (Ata Yatırım)

  • Musa Gezer (EY)
  • İbrahim Bıçkın (EY)
  • Emre Yüksel (EY)
  • Kamil İrfan Ökten (EY)

We thank you.