Samm Teknoloji, Evaluation and Strategic Planning Meeting

Date: 2022-01-31

Samm Teknoloji, Evaluation and Strategic Planning Meeting

Samm Teknoloji, Evaluation and Strategic Planning Meeting

As Samm Teknoloji; We held our Evaluation and Strategic Planning meeting at Workinn Hotel. The main topics of our meeting were the prior achievements in 2021 and our new targets and we expect to achieve in 2022. As Samm family, our biggest goal in 2022 will be maintaining the increasing momentum of our performance, as we did in previous years.

Best Presentation Award

During the event, each group from Samm Teknoloji made a presentation to elaborate their own evaluation of 2021 and their plans for 2022. Eventually, as a result of a voting among all the participants, our Informatics Group crowned their success by receiving the Best Presentation Award. We would like to congratulate them, and thank all the other groups for their hard work.

In the end, we also presented honorary plaques to our colleagues who have completed 5 years in our company. We congratulate them all and wish them many more years of mutual success.


About Samm Teknoloji

SAMM Teknoloji became the 3rd Turkish Company to win the CERN tender in the Large category! It was established 18 years ago and is now among Turkey's top 100 fastest growing technology companies.With 60 engineers, over 250 employees, 2 factories and an R&D center in Gebze; SAMM operates in many different sectors such as Fiber Optic Accessory Production, Informatics and Electrical Contracting. With an R&D supported production line, SAMM is able to produce solutions that provide added value to the market, especially for telecommunication, IT and heating projects. SAMM, as a solution-oriented company, aims at the reach highest level of customer satisfaction in addition to the contentment of all employees involved in commercial, technical and engineering workflow.


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