SAMM Technology institutionalization and growth continues!!

Date: 2012-12-11

Because Samm Technology always aim to form the perfect bridge between suppliers and end-users, they take the burden of keeping the commercial, technical and engineering team at the highest level of performance to reach satisfactory results.

Following these goals, Samm Technology team started doing a "Corporate Development" course focusing project management, which began on 11/12/2011 at Polater institution. The course was given by Mr. Sinan Polater. SAMM began in October within the terms of Corporate Development and institutionalization of modern management methods to implement the project based systems we aim to achieve major breakthroughs. The course focused on organizational structure and corporate structure, process management, human resource management, customer relations, marketing and publicity, and it will create effective improvements in the team development.

Later each department created detailed target and activities plans for the year 2012, which meet the regulations and principles discussed during the course.

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