SAMM Energy Group - Strategic Planning Workshop for 2021

Date: 2021-03-31

SAMM Energy Group - Strategic Planning Workshop for the 2021 Goals

Our SAMM Energy Group Employees Conducted a Strategic Planning Workshop for the 2021 Goals

Our work for Electrical Instrumentation services, which started as a project at the Star Refinery in 2015, has been managed by our office in Aliağa as SAMM Technology Energy Group since 2019. In the past 5 years, we have been providing services with a total contract value of over 20 million USD within the scope of Electricity, Instrumentation and Calibration services in many Petkim related projects in Aliağa Industrial region, especially the Star Refinery. In our studies, we have completed more than 2.5 million direct working hours without any LTI.

Based on occupational safety and with the goal of Zero Tolerance and Zero Accident, our Energy Group, with its 21-person management team, has successfully completed the Strategic Planning Workshop at Doğruer Hotel on March 6-7 in the town of Ören in Milas; where long-term goals, especially the goals of 2021 were addressed. During the Strategic Planning Workshop, where young, dynamic and successful personnel came together, the 2021 plans of the Energy Group were determined in line with the joint decisions of two separate desk studies.

We would like to thank all the employees of our Energy Group who participated in the Strategic Planning Workshop and contributed with their ideas.

The Workshop Participants

Melih GÜNGÖR, Ferit İSKENDER, Ümit ONAT, Kaan Onur KOÇ, Enes AŞCI, Selçuk AKOVA, İbrahim ERDENK, Emre KILIÇ, Özgen UYAR, Merve UZAKGİDEN, Döndü DENİZ, Sinem KARAMAN, Cemal GÜNDÜZ, Berk Buğra BALOĞLU, Osman ÇOBALAK,Halil ERSOY, Sinem ŞAHİN, Ali ALAGÖZ, Kadir KÜÇÜK, Yasin ÇOBAN, Bahar AKYÜZ


About Samm Teknoloji

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