Repair and Rehabilitation Training to Botas Technical Personnel.

Repair and Rehabilitation Training to Botas Technical Personnel.

Repair and rehabilitation techniques discussed with Botas Natural Gas Division Technical Personnel. A presentation given by Adelaide Cappa (from Berry Plastics – USA) Cem Lale, Cengiz Akşit and Levent Üğüten (Samm Teknoloji)

The World wide preferred repair and rehabilitation brand is Polyken, and many of its products, application techniques and their advantages to Botas were discussed during this training course.

Mrs Adelaide Cappa making her presentation, translator Cengiz Akşit

List of participants:

1. Çağlar Şaher GBE – Engineer
2. Erhan Erkayaoğlu GBE- Professional
3. Ramazan Başpınar BSM- Engineer
4. Rıdvan Semre İzmit Şb. Bakım- Operator
5. Mahmut Gökçe İzmir Şb. Md. – Operator
6. Yıldıray Ceylan Kocaeli Şb – Technician
7. Remzi Akkoç Manager – GİT
8. Hamza Pehlivan GAŞ- Professional
9. Hakkı Dikaltın İstanbul Operator- Chef
10. Cem Soydemir GBE – Engineer
11. Osman Tanyeri GAŞ – Operator
12. Ali Rıza Kavak GAŞ – B. Engineer.
13. Engin Pekel GBE – B. Engineer.

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