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Raychem Underfloor Heating Systems for Asfalt Applications

During the winter period, snow and ice increase traffic accidents. Either on turns or ramps or tunnel entrances, removing snow and ice in a fast efficient way are essential and lifesaving. The under floor heating is one of the best solutions for this matter. However, it still has two problems. First, the construction paver vehicles have to pass over the heating cables which can damage them. Second, the heat o tarmac in summer can melt any regular cable. Fortunately, Raychem offers the perfect invention for this task. The copper mineral insulated electric heat-trace cables, not only do they resist the heat of tarmac in summer but also tarmac paver vehicles can pass over them with zero damage. Here are some photos of an actual project that Samm Technology has pulled off using these under floor rugged heating cables.

About Samm Teknoloji

Samm Teknoloji is a manufacturing and engineering company with services in different sectors, especially fiber optic systems and IoT. It has many patents in fiber to the home infrastructure (FTTH) and Data Center equipment, and has developed a wide variety of products in its own field and presented it to the use of the industry.

In addition, it is among the leading companies with its services in turnkey electrical contracting works, heat tracing, and informatics sectors.


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