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Raspberry Pi Class Opened at Istanbul University

The Raspberry Pi class project we started last year has taken a new step forward; a new Raspberry Pi class for primary, secondary and high school has been opened at Istanbul University.

Istanbul University Computer Science Research Center (İÜ BUYAMER) established today a new Robotics, Raspberry Pi and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory class. It will be the first of its kind among universities in Turkey. This class will be a part of a Children’s University Project that has already started at Istanbul University BUYAMER .

The total capacity of the class is 11 students and one instructor, which means the laboratory is designed to have 12 Raspberry Pi workstations. Besides, the kits will have a Raspberry Pi 3 model, the latest so far.

The Host of Raspberry Pi Laboratory

Having hosted the Laboratory opening ceremony, the Director of the university Prof. Dr Sevinç Gülseçen optimistically commented “Our old Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory will be reserved and developed. On the other hand, now we have a laboratory equipped with the latest technology and devices and it will be accessible by a lot of institutions. It will be the sum of many years of work and processing data form our university and other various institutions. This information will shape our next step and be our heritage for years to come “

The Instructor of Raspberry Pi Laboratory

To give us more information about the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the instructor of Istanbul University Dr. Murat Gezer said “Although the very first creation of Raspberry Pi in UK was aimed to be for children, as to give them the most affordable and the most adjustable computer that ever exited, many engineers and IT enthusiasts began to make various projects using this little computer that we have today.” He also added “We believe such a laboratory at our university must be equipped with new modern devices and by the ones donated by SAMM Technology we will stay the best and keep the lead in Turkey. There has been 3 Raspberry Pi laboratories so far in Turkey and we aim to conjoin the 3 experiences to benefit from all previous projects. Eventually, our goal is to implement all of them in the teaching curriculum at our university and students here and there will push this project forward.”

The Sales Manager of Raspberry Pi at SAMM Technology

Finally, the Raspberry Pi product manager Mr. Ramazan Subaşı,who attended the opening on behalf of SAMM Technology, gave his thoughts about the donation of equipments: “Samm Technology, our engineering company founded in 2003, has spent the last 6 months exploring and training Raspberry Pi projects for education purposes. In 2015 we started to integrate education in our work through various schools. Having met Mr. Murat through this work we decided to expand our project through this university. We have provided the school with computers, technical infrastructure and accessorie; we aim to benefit from this laboratory at Istanbul University by widening our base of thinkers and creators. In other words, we will manage with the universities and training institutions to form a framework of cooperation between education and industry. This Raspberry Pi Class will be a very busy workshop very soon”

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