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First Raspberry Pi Class Opened In Turkey

The whole world has evolved into in new era of Technology that changed the way children see and learn about the world, which makes it mandatory for Turkey to be a part of the leading movement. To spark the beginning of this move in our country we have done the first technology class about Raspberry Pi in order to set an example for other teaching institutions and schools to follow.

Raspberry Pi classes are already in Turkey.

The slogan Raspberry Pi Class Project was started by SAMM Technology Education support has taken the lead in turkey. In a short period of time the Technology Classes will be the new dimension of practical teaching in Turkey.

Our aim is to spread these classes, which are a global wave of improvement, all over Turkey. We are looking forward to making our children contribute in the coming technological era.

This project means for students not only to be consumers of technology, but also to help the technology grow with them. From the early years of their elementary school students will be offered to join the training program, for when they are developing the technology instead of using it,  they will not have any problems with it,on the contrary, they will be able to solve the problems that they might face.

The first Raspberry Pi Class was held at ALKEV School.

At the German Culture and Education High School Foundation ‘ALKEV’ the first class session was held. The school has started to give in-class open source projects. The school have faced a big and growing interest in the use of this technology despite the short free time the students had to do this project.

We really would like to thank ALKEV, the school and the teachers, for supporting our vision and making it a reality.

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