Pipe Heating Custom CEMS and Analyzer Bundles THERMON

Pipe Heating Custom CEMS and Analyzer Bundles THERMON
Pipe Heating Custom CEMS and Analyzer Bundles THERMON

CEMS and Analyzer Bundle Heating Cable

Custom tubing bundles for CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) and heated "umbilicals" are available for analyzers applications. The heart of any electrically heated tubing is the heater. Thermon manufactures the widest variety of “cut-to-length” heat tracing available today, providing sole-source responsibility for overall performance. Whatever the application — freeze protection, high temperature maintenance or sensitive analyzer lines in electrically classified hazardous areas, Thermon’s complete line of products provides superior heat tracing solutions.

Your CEMS and Analyzer sample lines will be cost-effective and reliable with Thermon. Thermon's flexible manufacturing process can include auxiliary conductors, non-heated tubes, factory installed temperature sensors, a variety of heat tracing options, special markings and identification as required.

Tube Materials and Finishes

  • 316 and 304 stainless, welded or seamless, Monel, titanium, and Alloy 825 are available.
  • Optional Electropolished (EP) finishes and chemical passivation (CP), (including SilcoNert1000, SilcoNert2000, and Dursan) 1 are also available.
  • Double containment tubing and/or multiple tube materials can be provided in a common bundle.
  • Fluoropolymer tubing (including PFA, TFE, and FEP), nylon, polyethylene, composite filament-wound tubing and most any other tubing material is also available. Electrically Heated TubeTrace®
  • Thermon electrical heat tracing is approved for hazardous (classified) locations, including options for Class I, Division 1 (NEC/CEC) and Zone 1 (IEC).
  • SX self-regulating and HPTTM power-limiting heat tracing can be "cut-to-length" in the field maintaining temperatures up to 177°C.

Embedded Temperature Sensors

To accurately sense temperatures in one or more locations, factory installed temperature sensors (RTD, Thermocouple, or Thermistor) with insulated leads rated 260°C are available.

Control and Monitoring

To accurately control temperatures for sensitive analytical applications, consider Thermon's TC control and monitoring systems. Utilizing 3-wire RTD temperature sensors, Thermon TC controllers are available with single-point or multi-circuit configurations, that provide monitoring for temperature and electrical current, including ground leakage protection as required by code. For a local, single point controller and power junction box, consider Thermon's ECM electronic control module. Non-Insulated and Non-Heated Tubing Bundles When process samples are not temperature sensitive, consider Thermon NI type non-insulated and SL type ThermoTube non-heated lines.

Pipe Heating Custom CEMS and Analyzer Bundles THERMON
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