Raychem Cable Bushing Joint - Screened Plug , Screw -Type C 800A 36 KV

Raychem screened separable connectors are designed to connect single- and three-core polymeric cables to medium-voltage gas insulated switchgear and other equipment using CENELEC bushings Type C1=630 A and C2=1250 A, specified up to 36kV. Made of a highly modified silicone rubber and protected by a thin walled outer conductive screen connected to earth, RSTI connectors are equally suited for indoor and outdoor installation. Supporting a wide application range, the design incorporates one body and two stress cone adapters to cover all cross-sections from 35 to 300 mm2. The overall and cut back dimensions are designed to take up minimum space in the terminal box. The connectors are equipped with a capacitive test point for determining whether the circuit is energised. A conductive cap protects this test point.




• The insulation of the connector is made of a highly modified silicone rubber characterised by high tracking resistance, elongation at break and non-flammability.

• A thin walled screen is permanently bonded onto the insulation and protects the connection system against accidental contact. 

• The screened connector need not be removed for over sheath testing.

• The screened cable connector exceeds CENELEC HD 629.1 S2 requirements, which includes BS; VDE and other international specifications.

• Design fits 630 A and 1250 A bushings (Interface “C1” and “C2”) as specified by EN 50180 and EN 50181. 

• The compact design supports the use of double “T” connections inside standard terminal boxes. 

• The wide application range covers cable cross sections from 35 to 300 mm2

• Conductor connection with mechanical, DIN or deep indent lugs. 

• Easily accessible rear plug with capacitive test point. 

• Few accessories required for system test, double “T” and earth connection.

• Complete kit including lugs facilitates installation and storage.


ekranli-800A [PDF, 1008.47 KB]
screened-800A [PDF, 671.44 KB]
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