Raychem Heat Shrink Termination Head for Copper Cables 36 kV

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heat shrink cable termination kit


heat shrink cable termination kit

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Raychem Copper Cables Medium Voltage 36kV 1-core Heat Shrink Termination Kit

This heat shrink anti-tracking termination kit from Raychem provides excellent electric insulation, mechanical protection and earthing for medium voltage 36kV 1 core electric copper cables.
The scale and speed of modern mining requires versatile and dependable electrical power supply, which can be rapidly extended and maintained. We contribute to the industry’s high levels of efficiency with a flexible cable termination system for up to 36 kV which is specifically designed for mining purposes.


Proven performance


Raychem flexible terminations have a range of features which decisively reduce downtime. The slim design simplifies connection in confined spaces. Free movement and easy transport of terminated flexible cables is allowed by the highly pliable materials used. Users also choose this system because it has proven its reliability in exhaustive test programmes and over more than 20 years of successful performance in the field, even under rugged mining conditions.


Installable on-site at up to 36 kV


The practical advantages of the system arise from the heat-shrinkable feature of the Raychem termination components, which allows installation by site personnel on cables for up to 36 kV without special tools or equipment. Each kit covers a large number of cable sizes, and as no curing or vulcanizing is involved, the completed termination can be connected and power switched on immediately.


Universal outdoor and indoor application


The creepage path of the Raychem flexible termination is quickly extended by installing heat-shrinkable sheds. With this simple operation the system becomes suitable for use outdoors in polluted and dusty environments. R A complete system With more than 30 years experience Raychem is the leader in heat-shrinkable materials and one of the largest cable accessory makers. The flexible termination system described here is just one of the Raychem range of jointing, repair, insulation and sealing systems for flexible and power cables in service throughout the world of energy.


cable termination kit red bar
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