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Isopad Customised Heating

Isopad Customised Heating

Isopad Customised Heating

Isopad specialises in the design and manufacture of electric heating solutions from frost protection to heat management systems upto 1000ºC. Isopad has the world's most comprehensive range of heating products from self-regulating, constant wattage or mineral insulated heating cables and tapes to silicone heaters, heating jackets, heated hoses, radiant heaters and drum heaters.

Isopad brand is recognised as the undisputed leader in unique electrical heating solutions for Industrial, Photovoltaic, Packaging, Telecommunications and Food Service applications.


Heating cables and tapes (14)

Heating cables and tapes are one of the most versatile product lines in the Isopad range. Available in a vast array of technologies, the Isopad range is surpassed by none. 

Isopad offers a variety of heating tapes and cables to give fast and efficient direct contact heating. They are suitable for a wide range of applications from simple frost or condensation protection through to process requirements up to 1000°C.

Where space is tight, heating tapes are the perfect solution, allowing high temperatures to be reached quickly and maintained on pipelines, containers and other irregular shapes. In addition pre-terminated tapes are available in a variety of popular lengths, ready to install and easy to use requiring no special skills or tools.

Gas Bottle Heaters (2)

Isopad gas bottle heaters have been designed specifically to solve the issues associated with gas usage in cold climates i.e. gas separation, gas liquefaction and reduced capacity. There are two versions available, a heavy duty metal version which is based on the same technology as our metal drum heater and is suitable for use in hazardous areas and a soft lag gas bottle heater.

Drum heaters (10)

Isopad provides a range of drum heaters for industrial production purposes such as reducing viscosity, protecting stored product from frost and enabling product removal. Isopad drum heaters are metal heaters, flexible jacket drum heaters and silicon band drum heaters. Isopad drum and base heaters are used to heat drums of adhesives, asphalt, waxes, paraffin, chemicals, chocolate dyes and varnishes in nonhazardous and hazardous areas.

Silicone & Glass Cloth Flexible Heaters (4)

Isopad heating panels are for heating flat or curved surfaces heating, they are usually used in industrial heating in order to maintain or increase the temperature of machine parts or equipment. Isopad heating panels are made of silicone or glass in many sizes.

Heated Jackets (2)

Isopad heating jackets provide a convenient solution blending the versatility of a heating panel with the convenience of integral insulation. A heating panel excels when it is required to heat a flat surface, where a jacket is the product of choice when a uniform heat source is required to a surface in more than 2 planes, for example pipes, filter housings, valves and tees.

A distinct advantage is maintenance down-time; it is significantly quicker to remove a jacket with integral insulation than it is with other heating methods such as a heating tape with sensor, lagging and securing tape.

Isopad heating jackets can be manufactured to almost any shape, temperature range and operational consideration.

Heated Hoses (3)

Isopad electric heating hoses are used to heat chemicals during production and in storage. Isopad electric heating hoses can fit any pipe shape and are resistant to machine vibration.The flexible properties of the heated hose eliminate many problems with alignment and machine vibration.

Many products are heated in containers or processes to improve their flow characteristics or homogeneity. Moving these materials between processes or from storage vessels can be problematic as rigid pipe work combined with cumbersome heating methods can be undesirable at best and is often impossible. Isopad heated hoses solve these issues by seamlessly blending industry standard hoses and fittings with world leading heating technology into a flexible hose with integral heater and sensor. Isopad hoses are designed and manufactured to optimise heat uniformity and control characteristics using an integrated temperature sensor and evenly distributed resistive heating element. Decades of engineering experience ensure the hose will maintain the medium being transferred at an even, pre-set temperature, avoiding hot spots or changes in viscosity, eliminating condensation, degradation and crystallisation. 


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