RAYCHEM | Heating - Energy - Fiber Optics - Heat Shrink - Cables

RAYCHEM | Heating - Energy - Fiber Optics - Heat Shrink - Cables

After Tyco acquired Raychem in 1999, Raychem telecommunication passive equipments begun to sell by Tyco Electronics. SAMM is Turkey distributor of Tyco Electronics, Raychem outside telecom products(Fiber optic and copper) these products are briefly fiber optic connection boxes, fiber optic distribution roofs and special purpose all types of passive telecom products. Raychem is a brand of Tyco Thermal Controls and deals with electrical heating cables and all types of their accessories. Product range covers the electrical heat tracing cables and installation accessories, distribution panels, thermostats and many high technology control and installation equipments. Raychem had been always a pioneer company in their sector.




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