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The information given here is intended to give the user an idea about how much energy the Raychem electric underfloor heating systems consume approximately and does not have a binding nature before our company or Raychem. This data may vary according to the temperature perception of the person, the insulation of the house where the installation is made, the geographical location of the house or many other factors. Please contact us so that we can choose the best system for you.
function calculate() { var theForm = document.forms["calculation"]; var M2 = theForm.elements["M2"]; var BF = theForm.elements["BF"]; var HR = theForm.elements["HR"]; var WATT = theForm.elements["WATT"]; var total = HR.value * BF.value * M2.value * WATT.value / 1000 / 100; var monthly = total * 30; var divobj = document.getElementById('daily'); = 'block'; divobj.innerHTML = "Daily Expenditure = " + total.toFixed(2); var divobj = document.getElementById('monthly'); = 'block'; divobj.innerHTML = "Monthly Expenditure = " + monthly.toFixed(2); }