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Rugged and Reliable Snow and Ice Melting System

Thermon SnoTrac-Skin-Effect-System-for-Snow-and-Ice-Melting

The Thermon Skin-Effect Industrial Heating Cables, exemplified by the SnoTrac and ThermTrac systems, revolutionize snow and ice melting as well as pipeline heating applications through innovative skin effect heating technology. The operation of these systems is rooted in the synergy of two phenomena proximity effect and skin effect.

In SnoTrac, a carbon steel pipe, known as a heat tube, houses a specially designed fluoropolymer-insulated conductor. Joined at one end and connected across an AC voltage source at the other end, the system utilizes impressed AC voltage to generate a current in the conductor. This current returns on the inside surface of the heat tube, concentrating within a defined “skin depth.” This inner skin current generates heat in the heat tube, transferred to the surrounding concrete or asphalt. Crucially, the outer surface of the heat tube maintains virtually no measurable voltage, allowing for grounding at both ends and intermediate points if desired.

SnoTrac stands out as a rugged and reliable snow and ice melting system globally, leveraging skin effect heating technology. The system’s ferromagnetic heat tube, embedded directly into concrete or asphalt, utilizes a custom-designed SnoTrac conductor to efficiently deliver energy. Notably, this system’s unique feature enables it to provide snow melting for large areas, with over 2,000 square feet protected from a single power point.

In parallel, the ThermTrac system serves as a cost-effective alternative to conventional resistance heat tracing on long pipelines. Capable of tracing pipelines up to 25 kilometers (15 miles) from a single power point, ThermTrac is versatile, ideal for temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and heat-up applications.

The heart of Thermon’s skin effect heating system lies in the ThermTrac insulated conductor. Custom-designed with dielectric insulation and optional scuff jacket to meet project-specific requirements, this conductor is manufactured entirely by Thermon, ensuring the highest quality standards. In essence, the Skin-Effect Industrial Heating Cables redefine efficiency, reliability, and versatility in snow melting and pipeline heating applications.

SnoTrac Skin-Effect Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. Nickel-Plated Stranded Copper Bus Wire
  2. Fluoropolymer Dielectric Insulation
  3. Fluoropolymer Scuff Jacket
  4. Heat Tube

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