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Temperature Maintenance: up to 10⁰C (Freeze Protection)

Thermon FLX-Self-Regulating-Heating-Cable

The Thermon FLX Self-Regulating Industrial Heat Tracing Cable is a reliable and practical solution designed to provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance for both metallic and nonmetallic pipes, tanks, and equipment. With heat outputs ranging from 10 to 33 watts per meter (3 to 10 watts per foot) at 10°C (50°F), this versatile heating cable operates seamlessly when powered at 110 to 120 Vac or 208 to 277 Vac.
FLX offers a proven, simple, and practical solution for various applications, whether it’s a small project or a complex network of piping and equipment. The step-by-step design guide simplifies the process of determining heating requirements and the number of circuits needed, facilitating the creation of a bill of materials for an effective heat traced freeze protection system.
Rugged and reliable, FLX is safeguarded by a tinned copper braid and a polyolefin outer jacket that provides grounding and additional mechanical protection. For enhanced environmental protection, an optional fluoropolymer outer jacket is available. Built with proven and proprietary compounding, extrusion, and cross-linking technology, FLX ensures continuous operation and an extended life expectancy.
FLX is not only easy to design but also easy to install. With parallel circuitry, it does not require exact piping lengths to be known in advance and can be cut to length in the field. Installation is straightforward, as FLX can be installed directly on metallic or nonmetallic piping under conventional thermal insulation using ordinary hand tools. Kits for power connection, end termination, splicing, and other accessories are designed for quick and easy installation.
The installation process is further simplified as FLX can be pulled directly from the supply reel, installed on the pipe, and circuit fabrication can be completed without hassle. Tee splices may be installed anywhere along the circuit to match the layout of the piping, offering flexibility in design and installation.
In summary, FLX Self-Regulating Industrial Heat Tracing Cable provides a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for freeze protection and temperature maintenance in diverse industrial applications. Its proven technology, ease of design, and straightforward installation process make it a practical choice for both small and large projects. Choose FLX for a dependable and versatile heat tracing solution.

FLX Industrial Heating Cable Construction

  1. 1.3 mm2 (16 AWG) Nickel-Plated Copper Bus Wire
  2. E-Beam Cross-Linked Polyolefin Semiconductive Heating Matrix
  3. E-Beam Cross-Linked Polyolefin Primary Dielectric Insulation
  4. Tinned Copper Metallic Braid
  5. Polyolefin Outer Jacket (Fluoropolymer optional)

FLX Heating Cable Specifications

  • Supply voltages: 110-120 or 208-277 Vac
  • Max. continuous exposure temperature: 
    Power on  65°C (150°F)
    Power off 85°C (185°F)
  • Minimum bend radius: 
    @ -15°C (5°F)      10 mm (0.38”)
    @ -60°C (-76°F)  32 mm (1.25”)
  • 30 mA Ground-Fault Protection Required

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