Covalence Dirax for Horizontal Directional Drill

Covalence Dirax for Horizontal Directional Drill

Field Joints protected with Covalence Dirax at HDD installed in Esenyurt-Ambarlı on the loop line of BOTAS’s “Önerler-Keşan DGBH ve Esenyurt-Ambarlı Loop Hattı Yapım İşi” projects.

Construction company EKOL YAPI searched all abrasion resistant coatings and founded the Covalence Dirax click for product details as the best.

Dirax was installed with supervision’s of Seal For Life and Samm Engineers by EKOL YAPI Engineers. Installation was inspected by BOTAS engineers. Tested for its performances and found satisfactory.

Thank you to all participants from Seal For Life, Ekol Yapı and BOTAS.

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