Best Comfort and Security RAYCHEM T2 Reflecta – Product Newsletter 5

RaychemT2 Reflcta with T2 Red – The energy-efficient System.

Raychem T2 Red with T2 Reflecta, guarantees a uniform temperature level across the room and an extremely fast heat up and reduced heat-loss. The aluminium layer and insulation of the Raychem T2 Reflecta minimises downward heat loss and provides heat faster.

The Raychem T2 Reflcta plates provide:

20% extra energy saving through integrated insulation
Even and adaptive heat distribution in floor
Flexible interior design. Due to the self-regulating effect there is no risk for overheating under rugs, furniture etc
Automatic self-regulating output depending on environment – more output in cold zones, less output in warm zones
No measurable electro-magnetic fields
Long life and maintenance free.
The Raychem T2 Reflecta plates have:
– Installation grooves.
–  insulation & integrated aluminium heat distribution layer.

Raychem T2 Reflecta Applications:

Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining room, children’s rooms, conservatories:

Top floor: Tiles, parquet, natural stone, laminate, carpet*.
Sub-floor: Cement screed, anhydrite screed, wooden floor, gypsum board, timber floor board, asphalt screed.
* must be suitable for underfloor heating (maximum resistance to heat transfer 0.15 W/m2K).

Which power output do I need?

New construction – good insulation:-                     35W/m2 – 60W/m2
Renovation – good insulation:-                               60W/m2 – 100W/m2
Insufficient insulation – more output required:-      > 100W/m2
The above values are for comfort underfloor heating. Make a heat-loss calculation if in doubt (insulation, room size, number of windows…) or Contact Us.

Which quantity do I need?

Select the required power output and required T2 Red cable length per m2.
The table below shows the required spacing and cable length per m2 and the spacing between the cables. The power output give approx. 20-25? C.

Determine the required number of Raychem T2 Reflecta insulated plates.
One RaychemT2 Reflecta insulated plate package covers 3.12 m2. It consists of 10 T2 Reflecta plates (720 x 400mm) and six end plates (100 x 400mm).

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