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22.5 billion worth of fiber investment is essential to use the full capacity of 4.5G

The existing fiber infrastructure in Turkey 

4.5g technology on the existing fiber infrastructure in Turkey would be insufficient. It is seen as an important step in Turkey’s bid to move to 4.5g technology at the end, but the debate continues on the installation cost of the technology. Discussions particularly 4.5g technology on the existing fiber infrastructure in Turkey would be insufficient in order to reach the full capacity. Competitive Telco Operators Association (TELKODER) Chairman Yusuf Ata  commented that the full capacity of the current fiber infrastructure has to be increased 5-6 times. In addition, how much will be the cost of laying new fiber networks?

5 dollars cost for each meter.

TELKODER Secretary General Rıdvan Uğurlu said: The cost of digging up old fiber netowks costs 4 times what it cost to put them underground in the first place. Accordingly, a cable that had cost before 1 dollar for each meter to be put underground would cost us 4 or 5 dollars to be upgraded to a better one.

Annual rate of growth  of the infrastructure is 23%

TELKODER President Yusuf Ata Arıak also said if our BTK annual growth rate of the last five years is about 23 percent, we need 5 more years for the capacity to double. However, what we need is 5 times the capacity so that would not take ages to be acomplished.

Only 7 to 10% of the used phones are compatible with 4G

The (MOBISAD) General Secretary Omar Kavas Oldu talked about the potential impact of new technology for the mobile market. Mr. Kavass used the following statements: “4G compatible handsets went on sale in the second half of 2014 in Turkey. Today only 7- 10 percent of the used smartphones are 4G compatible. This will increase over time, of course, and may develop positively after the project is done. History shows that the increase in purchases of new phones usually exceeds expectations, so the upgrade will be continued. The rise in prices due to currency demand may curb a little bit but people in the future will prefer models that are compatible with 4G.”

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