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STOPAQ Wrapping Band CZ H



Stopaq Wrapping Band CZ H

The Wrapping Band CZ H is a versatile monolithic coating in wrap form for above and underground use. Stopaq Wrappingband CZH is used to protect object such as couplings, flanges, lifting lugs, thermite welds, pipelines and pipe joints.

Stopaq Wrapping Band CZ H Application

The application of the Wrappingband protects the object fully from contact with water and oxygen and therefore prevents corrosion. Stopaq Wrappingband CZ H is a specially designed and patented hydrocarbon cold-flow polymer product.

Stopaq Wrapping Band CZ H Features

  • Impervious for water and oxygen
  • Excellent adhesion to any surface
  • Self-healing ability in case of small damages
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Remains flexible
  • Very High Specific Electrical Resistance
  • Very chemical resistant
  • Fully harmless to people and the environment
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Approved.

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