SMT-50 | All in One Field Optical Tester

SMT-50 | All in One Field Optical Tester

Power meter is the best essential tool for all technicians installing or maintaining optical fiber network. SMT-50 Multi Tester is made for the best performance of different parameters and demanding applica-tions on fiber measurement. It is designed for handy size with simplicity and accuracy. SMT-50 provides 4 exquisite functions to optimize the time of all technicians and can be tested at up to 6 wavelengths in Atom operating. Six main wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, 1490 1550 and 1625 nm) used in FTTX networks can be WAVE tested of passive optical networks (PONs).

SMT-50 | All in One Field Optical Features

  • Tests network and coaxial cables (RJ45 jack and F connector)
  • Displays wire map in graphical format for rapid troubleshoot ng
  • Determines cable length and distance to the cable fault performing a full TDR measurement
  • High resolut on color display for excellent readability in any environment
  • Generat on of test reports and documentat on with PC-based reporting software
  • Extensive test and fault fi nding capabilit es such as:
  • Cable tracing / port identification using a tone probe
  • PoE detection and testing
  • Link test up to 1 Gb/s bandwidth
  • Outlet/port identification with ID remotes

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