SAMM Teknoloji is Now 3rd Among Top IT Companies in Kocaeli

Date: 2022-08-05

SAMM Teknoloji is Now 3rd Among Top IT Companies in Kocaeli

SAMM Teknoloji is Now 3rd Among Top IT Companies in Kocaeli

SAMM Teknoloji, which has been on the Bilisim 500 list since 2010, has risen to the top of the 2021 list and achieved a new ranking.

The "Top 500 Informatics Companies Research" in the field of informatics in Turkey, conducted by BTHaber, was held for the 23rd time this year. SAMM Teknoloji took the 146th place according to the ranking made based on the revenue generated from the sales of Telecom and Informatics products and services in the year 2021, (the sales of our Energy and Heat departments are not included in the figures).

SAMM Teknoloji Ranked 3rd Among Kocaeli-based IT Companies According to Sales Revenues

The data related to the research reflects the most important players of the sector and shows the standings of IT companies or companies that produce products and services in the field of informatics. The Bilişim 500 research is acknowledged as a reference in national and international public and private sector procurement.

SAMM Teknoloji is 4th in Terms of Telecommunication Infrastructure Hardware Revenues.

In addition to the main rankings, the survey also published company lists ranked according to the income of companies in different market sub-categories. According to the product and service sales statistics of 'telecommunication infrastructure equipment', which includes all kinds of active and passive infrastructure equipment used in the construction of telecommunication networks outside a campus, our company was ranked 4th in Turkey with an income of 68,453,421 TL.

Turkey's Investment, Produced by Turkish Engineers

Continuing to grow with the solutions it has brought to the IT sector in Turkey, its production facilities, technology center, technical experts, and innovative service; SAMM Teknoloji had a sales revenue of 110,060,874 TL in 2021 (sales of Energy and Heating departments not included). It is also the 50th place in the "Bilisim 500" list as a producer.

Our company, which was 9th in the "Turkey Based Manufacturer Hardware" category, ranked 128th in the "Turkey Based Manufacturer Service" category and 6th in the "Turkey Based Manufacturer IoT and M2M" category.

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About Samm Teknoloji

Samm Teknoloji is a manufacturing and engineering company with services in different sectors, especially fiber optic systems and IoT. It has many patents in fiber to the home infrastructure (FTTH) and Data Center equipment, and has developed a wide variety of products in its own field and presented it to the use of the industry.

In addition, it is among the leading companies with its services in turnkey electrical contracting works, heat tracing, and informatics sectors.


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