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Singlemod Zayıflatıcı Patchcordlar (In-line)

This specification covers the requirement of the Attenuated Patchcord for SM applications.
The SM Attenuated Patchcord is made by splicing a variable length of attenuated fibre to two
pigtails. The fusion splices are protected by an heat shrinkable sleeve and a stainless steel cylinder
filled with resin, as shown in the following images.


Fiber Optik SM Zayıflatıcı Patchcordlar (In-line)

The SM Attenuated Patchcord is supplied with two terminations of any type of simplex connector for
2 mm cable.

The SM Attenuated Patchcord is available in the following versions:
Protection System (see technical drawings):
· Heat Shrinkable Transparent Tube.
· Plastic Boots. Colours available: White, Beige, Yellow, Red and Black.
Cables: 2 mm LSZH cable, Yellow, Blue and Orange colour ready on stock.
Nominal Attenuation Values: From 1 to 30 dB step 1 dB.
Length: Minimum 0.5 m.
Length Tolerance: -0/+5 cm - length < 1.00 m -0 cm/+5% - length 1.00 m

Attenuated Fibre Characteristics


Fibre Metal
Attenuated Fibre
Attenuated Fibre
Operational Wavelength  1310 and 1550 nm
Polarisation Dependent Loss (PDL)  < 0.1 dB
Power Endurance 100 mW  100 mW



Typical Attenuation Tolerance

Nominal Değer [dB] Standard Tolerans [dB]  
1÷5 ± 0.5  
6÷10 ± 0.7  
11÷20 and 25 ± 1.0


The I.L. value of the patchcord is measured including the I.L. of the connectors at each terminations.

As standard, the attenuated fibre is situated in the middle of the SM Patchcord, other solutions are
available on request.
The triple protection of the fusion splices (heat shrinkable sleeve – resin – stainless steel cylinder)
guarantee the same mechanical characteristics of equivalent standard patchcord.

  min max
Operating Temperature [°C] -25 80
Storage Temperature [°C] -40 85


The standard packaging of the SM Attenuated Patchcord is a single transparent plastic bag with
cardboard support. The label on the bag has no logo and markings.
The information written on the label of the attenuated patchcord are the following :
· Fibre Type
· Attenuation Value
· Operational Wavelength
· Serial Number
Custom labels and packaging are available on request.

Fiber Optik SM Zayıflatıcı Patchcordlar (In-line)



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