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Field Master-Motorized Field Polisher

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Field Master Motorized Field Polisher

STRAN Technologies FM1000 series fiber connector polishers are unique field or lab polishing machines. The Field Master is equipped with a high-torque DC motor that can operate between 6-12 V DC. A car cigarette lighter outlet is a very handy power source regardless of where in the world your field service support takes you.

The Field Master allows adjustable force through a micrometer to ensure consistent dome finish for a wide variety of connector types and the number of connectors in the fixture. One can polish one, or two, connectors/ferrules in one polish run. Owning a polisher like these is a significant step forward for technicians/installers who are used to polishing connectors by hand using a polishing puck. The improvement in polish quality and endface geometry, particularly important for singlemode fiber connectorization, is so dramatic one will never want to go back to hand work.



  • Polish up to two connectors or ferrules simultaneously
  • Quick release for convenient removal of polishing fixture
  • Micrometer force adjustment for perfect pressure on 1 or 2 ferrules and different ferrule sizes
  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Small footprint for transportability
  • Quick-change mechanism allows rapid removal of polishing fixture
  • Universal fixture fits all connectors/ferrules with the same ferrule diameter (PP250 fixture standard for FC, ST, SC and TFOCA GenX)
  • Reference plate for precise ferrule protrusion (longer polishing film life, faster run cycle and higher yield)
  • Flexure mechanism lock/unlock ferrule/connectors in place firmly and quickly
FM1000-Field-Polisher [PDF, 289.57 KB]

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