APC JBC Gaz Boru Hattı Güvenliği Takip Sistemi - Proje Raporu


Job Location


The job location is along the APC-JBC Bromine Pipeline, connecting between Jordan and Israel. The project covers three zones along the pipeline: The Jordan Bromine Company site, The Arab Potash Company site and the military zone through which the pipeline continues until it reaches the Israeli border. Time: 2016


Job Description


Fiber Optic Anti-Intrusion Security System established to protect the bromine pipeline from sabotage or theft during the bromine transfer between Jordan and Israel. The security system is based upon the fiber optic line installed alongside the bromine pipeline, and it basically relays on sensing any slight vibration that affects the fiber optic line and calculating the exact point where it happens.


How it Works


The Anti-Intrusion system works by connecting an FFT Aura Controller at the starting point (0 Km, JBC), and an end sensor in a splice closure kit at the final point (27 km, the Israeli border); using only one fiber.

The FFT Aura Controller keeps a constant laser light signal that reaches, and is always connected to, the end sensor at the border. When any digging attempt happens a slight vibration affects the fiber optic line and at the same time affects the signal. At this moment the FFT Aura Controller sends an alarm to the FFT CAMS software clients at APC and JBC security rooms though the internet connection, with the exact distance to where the intrusion is happening. The APC-JBC security rooms personnel can control the security system using the FFT CAMS software clients. If necessary, they can forward an inspection order to the security staff or just acknowledge the alarm. The system keeps a log of all the alarm events with a detailed time and place reports.

In case of need, using the FFT CAMS client the security personnel can create blind spots along the pipeline with a permanent or temporary time window, to prevent false alarm next to constant working machinery or an authorized maintenance or construction work.


System Requirements

  • FFT Aura Controller
  • End Sensor
  • Rack Mount Console KVM
  • Fiber Optic Patch Panel
  • Computers for Security Rooms

Test and Calibration


After the installation of Anti-Intrusion Security System, an OTDR test is performed in order to calculate the acceptable total loss value of the fiber optic line. On this project the total loss value is 9.713 dB for 27 km. If the OTDR test is acceptable, a physical test is performed at every manhole, every 1 kilometer and every 500 meters alongside the fiber optic line, and each time a more precise coordinates calibration is done.

Finally, a moving object test is performed by testing the signal changes at a certain point when a vehicle passes over the fiber line, and measuring the signal change curve to allow the calculation of moving objects’ speeds and directions.


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