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Ice and Snow melting systems - Product Newsletter -2

Date: 2010-09-06

Benefits of Raychem Smart Underfloor Heating

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  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Hassle free installation and maintenance free.
  • Energy-efficient and cost saving.
  • Can be installed under all floor coverings.
  • Total Care Warranty

Raychem Under Floor Heating Mat T2QuickNet

T2QuickNet mat is the ideal solution for renovation – especially for tile floors. The ultra-thin (3 mm) mat is laid directly in the filler or tile adhesive. It can be installed on all subfloors which are sufficiently insulated and conforming to applicable building regulations. T2QuickNet exists in two versions : T2QuickNet 90 can be used on all solid subfloors and T2QuickNet 160 when more output and a faster heat up time is required. 



  • Only 3 mm thick !
  • One cold lead (dual wire system).
  • Ideal as direct underfloor heating for embedding in tile adhesive or filler underneath the top floor.
  • Maximum construction height including tiles is 15 mm.

Is Raychem Electric Heating Economical

Electric underfloor heating is 100% energy efficient because incoming electric energy is 100% converted to heat. However, most heat produced by burning gas or oil boilers is only about 70% of the net energy of those fuels. That is why, leaving an underfloor electric heating system on 24/7, especially if it was an automatic self regulating system, is very economic and ensures a low cost. Not to mention, that Raychem heating systems have a 12 Years Warranty, any repairs needed are done easily.



T2QuickNet heating mats can be installed directly underneath the tile top floor close to bath tubs and showers and in walk-in showers. It can be inastalled in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms and conservatories. It has two level of installation depending on the type of the floor: 

Top floor : for tiles, natural stone (max. 30 mm thick).

Subfloor : Cement screed, anhydrite screed, wooden floor (T2QuickNet-90 only), gypsum board, timber floor board.

The T2QuickNet heating mats can be controlled by many thermostat varieations from Raychem, such as: R-TC-NRG Temp Timer Thermostat and NRG-DM Intuitive Timer Thermostat.


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