New Raspberry Pi Classes will be held

Date: 2015-12-22



As our devotion and commitment to the slogan that SAMM technology have created, The Support of Technological Education we are going to hold two more technology classes.

New Raspberry Pi Classes will be held


The first one is going to be

The 2nd Raspberry Pi Class in Turkey, at the Istanbul Science and Arts Center.

Having seen a very good reaction and feedback about the first class that was held at ALKEV, we have chosen the Istanbul Science and Arts Center at Atashehir to be our second host.

Because, not only are the students at this school are very intelligent, gifted and talented, but there is also programming and robotics classes in their curriculum.

The class will be on 23rd Dec after we give a preparation training lesson to the teachers.


New Raspberry Pi Classes will be held


The second class is going to be

Rasbperry Pi in Hakkari

Our project is planned to follow the global ideology of Raspberry Pi being spread to many cities and especially to small twons. Hence, we have chosen Hakkari, a very remote city, to be our third destination.  We are hoping this gesture will give life in Hakkari a step forward.

We are going 40 kilomters away from the center of Hakkari, where there is a village charity middle school named “Mehmetçik”.The visit will start on 30th Dec and will last for four days.

The initial lessons will be given to the teachers in order to train them how to introduce Raspberry Pi to the students with all its usages and benefits. After the traiing of teachers , the lessons will start and everyone can participate.

The students and teachers have already send us photos of the joyful anticipation, mixed with the glow of snow.


New Raspberry Pi Classes will be held

New Raspberry Pi Classes will be held

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