New Raspberry Pi Classes Opened in Hakkari and Istanbul

Date: 2016-01-17

As we continue to live up to our vision and our slogan “The Support Technological Education” , and after the success of the first Raspberry Pi lesson in Istanbul, at ALKEV school, the second and the third lesson have been given with much more enthusiasm. The second lesson was done at BİLSEM ‘The Science and Art Center in Istanbul’.

Raspberry Pi Class at BİLSEM ‘The Science and Art Center in Istanbul’     Raspberry Pi Class at BİLSEM ‘The Science and Art Center in Istanbul’     

Having finished the second Istanbul lesson, the ones we are really thankful for their help are the teachers and the managers of BİLSEM, Mr. Burak Tolun, Hakan Üstünel and Bekir Bayrak.


The third lesson, however, was a special delight experience. It was given in ‘Hakkari’ a very remote small two in the south east of Turkey. Besides, we had a very interactive and curious small group of children at a small secondary school, named ‘Mehmetçik’, while the whole village was covered in snow.


We would like thank our dear friends for making this lesson a reality: Mr. Emin Okutan and his wife Başak Karagöz Okutan; the cofounder of 3Bhub Mr. İsmail Didin; Siyah Beyaz Publishing; and the cofounders Mr. Murat Kaplan and Soner Gökdoğan.


Furthermore, we thank the teachers of ‘Mehmetçik’ school, not only for being the ones who contributed during the lesson, but also for being our hosts. They are Mr. Abdülrahim Sümbül, Ahmet Tütüncü, Mehmet İngöz, Muammer Kul, Mustafa Demirci, Sadık Akıcı and Yusuf Tarkoçin.




In a short time, our plan is to spread Raspberry Pi lessons all over Turkey, and to continue our support of technology and robotics education.



After reading this, you too can participate in this project by sending us and suggested new location for a new lesson or send us any inquiry about Raspberry Pi to our dedicated email





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