SAMM Technology was ranked the 202nd Information Company in Turkey and the 5th largest Information company in Kocaeli.

Date: 2018-08-10

SAMM Teknoloji Bilişim 500 sıralamasında 202. Kocaeli’nde de 5. büyük bilişim şirketi

SAMM Technology was ranked the 202nd Information Company in Turkey

SAMM Technology, which has been on the list of ‘Bilişim 500’, the top 500 Turkish IT companies survey, continuously since 2010; took its place on again on the 2017 list of best 500 companies in Turkey.

Top 500 IT Companies Survey, which is called “İlk 500 Bilişim Şirketi Araştırması” in Turkish, has been held for the 19th time this year. According to the rankings in the revenue from products and services’ sales, SAMM Technology was ranked the 202nd information company in all of Turkey. In addition, SAMM Technology was also ranked the 5th largest information company in Kocaeli.

The survey data reflects the industry's most important participant and illustrates the progress of many different companies that work specifically in information technology or provide products and services in the field of information. The ‘Bilişim 500’survey is considered as a reference for purchases in the national and international market, regarding both the public and private sectors.

Rank Company Sales Turnover (Tousand TL)
1 TÜRK TELEKOM 18.134.554
2 TÜRKCELL 17.026,.401
3 VODAFONE 11.169.000
5 KVK TEKNOLOJİ 2.834.363
6 TEKNOSA 2.795.266
7 BRIGHTSTAR 2.572.901
9 GENPA 2.490.062
10 ARENA 1.823.737

SAMM Technology was ranked 14th in telecommunication infrastructure equipment

In the market section of the Survey, all companies were also listed according to their income. Eventually, with revenue of $19,731,530, SAMM Technology has been ranked the 14th due to its sales statistics of telecommunication products and services, including all kinds of active and passive infrastructure equipment, which are used in the construction of outdoor telecommunication networks.

Domestic Production and Energy

With the solutions we introduced to the IT sector, our production facilities and technology center, our technical experts, who continues to advance in providing innovative services; SAMM Technology, has reached 26,176,103 TL worth of sales revenue in 2017 and has been ranked the 37th "Domestic Turkish Producer” in the “Bilişim 500” list.

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