Ferrule Mate 2.0

Ferrule Mate 2.0

FerruleMate 2.0. utilizes a patented rotating cleaning tip and a unique Slide-Guide cleaning cloth, It offers a wide cleaning area its unique Push-Click operation. FerruleMate 2.0. has a contoured tip that fits easily into the feed-through adapter and the self-actuated cleaning tape feed provides an audible "Click" confirming that the cleaning is successful. Connector cleaning performance is guaranteed as the FerruleMate 2.0 cleans beyond the critical fiber core and deep into the contact area while still seated in a bulkhead adapter. The FerruleMate 2.0 is a remarkable evolution for its combination of "Durability", "Reliability", "Simplicity" and "Low Cleaning Cost".


  • Inside Plant distribution panels and assemblies.
  • Outdoor pedestal bulkheads for FTTx installations.
  • Server cards, optical switches, routers and OADMs female modules.
  • Cable assembly production environments.
  • Bench-top Testing and Final Inspection pack-out stations.

Key Features

  • Patented 360 degree Rotational Tip provides extra wide cleaning.
  • Easy one-push operation with extendable/retractable contoured nozzle.
  • Highly effective cleaning via non-woven micro fiber.
  • Lint free and zero static.
  • 800+ cleanings per unit = Ultra low cost per connector cleaned.
  • Static dissipative plastic resin body and tape feed is safe for ESD work.
  • FC/SC/ST Cleaner Pen, Universal 2.5mm O.D. Ferrule Application.
  • LC/MU Cleaner Pen, Universal 1.25mm O.D. Ferrule Application.
  • MPO Multi-Fiber Plastic Ferrule Application exceeds industry requirements.
  •  Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS).

FerruleMate2.0 [PDF, 1.85 MB]
FerruleMate2.0-Instructions [PDF, 419.11 KB]
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