FIDR-SR Hazardous area base drum heater Isopad

Base Drum Heater

The base drum heater is a perfect addition to the the drum heater to prevent heat loss from below. A solid alminium plate carries the heating cable and evenly distributes the temperature to the drum. An electromechanical thermostat regulates the operating temperature. The framework is made out of solid steel and comes with castors for easy transportation. 


3 Model available:

  • FIBDR-SRX: 120°C - 230V - 1150W (Part Number: 1235-08240101)
  • FIBDR-SRQ: 80°C - 400V - 1170W (Part Number: 1235-08240102)
  • FIBDR-SRB: 40°C - 230V - 530W (Part Number: 1235-08240103)
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