IDR-IBDR Set of drum and base heater Isopad

Drum Heater
The drum heater is made out of a twopieced metal housing to be opened and closed via hinges and fasteners standing on special castors. The solid design ensures stable operation even on unlevel surfaces. The metal housing carries the heating cable and evenly distributes the temperature
to the drum. A mechanical thermostat regulates the operating temperature. Each drum heater includes a lid. To reduce heat loss at top it is recommended to use our insulated lid.


Base Drum Heater
The base drum heater is a perfect addition to the the drum heater to prevent heat loss from below. A metal housing carries the heating cable and evenly distributes the temperature to the drum. An aluminum casted mechanical thermostat regulates the operating temperature by achieving a
maximum on safety during operation. 


Drum and Base Drum Heater Unit
A combination of a drum and base drum heater was created to just use a single control mechanism. The Base drum heater can be connected to the drum heater and is thereby controlled by one thermostat. This unit was designed for drum sizes of 200L. 

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