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SMB Straight Bulkhead Receptacle (jack) 2

HUBER+SUHNER SMB subminiature connectors are suitable for applications from DC up to 4 GHz. The SMB snap-on mechanism provides a fast and reliable connection for applications with high packing density.


Mechanical data

Panel thinkness   3 mm
Flange dimention Type hexagonal flange hex 6 mm
Tab Style   solder end
Terminal Dimension D1 1.50 mm
Terminal Dimension L1   7.30 mm
Terminal Dimension L2   4.80 mm
Engangement Force max   63 N
Engangement Force min   8 N

Electrical data

Impendance 50 Ω
Max. Interface frequency ≤ 4 GHz

Environmental and general data

Operating Temp min -65 °C
Operating Temp max 165 °C
Weight 0.0011 kg
Number of Matings 500
Engagement min. / max. 8 ... 63
Disengagement min. / max. 8 ... 63

Material data

2002/95/EC (RoHS)  compliant
Piece part Base material Plating
Centre Contact Material Brass Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Outer Contact Material Brass Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Insulator Material PFA / PTFE  
Body Material Brass Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Fastening Nut Material Brass Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Washer Material Bronze Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)

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