OBS-550 Light Sources for CD/PMD/AP

The OBS-550 combines three applications in one rugged and splash-proofed field solution.

Its high output power (OBS-550) and wide wavelength range enable the characterization of any

fiber network configuration. In combination with the JDSU ODM module (T-BERD/MTS-6000/8000),

high performance CD, PMD and AP measurements can be executed.


Wavelength range : 1485 to 1640 nm

Output power level : >16 dBm(1) , >8 dBm(2)

Spectral power density : >–46 dBm/0.1 nm (1485 to 1640 nm)(2) , >–30 dBm/0.1 nm (1530 to 1610 nm)(1)

State of polarization : Polarized or non-polarized(1)

Operating mode indication : LED (no display)

Optical interface : PC/interchangeable adapter system

Battery life : 2.5 hours(2), (3)

(1) non-polarized for “AP” and “CD” (HD) mode
(2) in broadband (BB) mode
(3) at 20 °C ambient temperature

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