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4000 Primerless Joint Coating

Ordering Information: Available in roll forms

Example: 4000-35-BLK 2x50

  • 4000: Product name
  • 35: Tape thickness, mil (35 mil=0,89 mm)
  • BLK: Tape color, (BLK Black)
  • 2: Roll width, inches (2”,4”,6”) (50  mm, 101 mm, 152 mm)
  • 50: Roll length, feet (50'=15,2m)


  • Hand or Machine applied using a wrapster
  • Reconditioning, Bell Hole Rehabilitation and Girthweld protection
  • No Liquid Adhesive (primer) is required


Features & Benefits:



Eliminates primer and liquid adhesive Compatible with all other coating systems
     Cost savings and improved safety       Versatile and reduces inventory
Low density PE backing with high adhesive Uniform coating thickness
     Comformable to irregular shapes
     Consistant quality and reliability
Impermeable to oxygen & moisture Easy to apply with minimal trianing
     Protects against key causes of corrosion
     Saves time and money! 


Max Temperature: 50 ºC, 122 ºF
DS-4000-35-PCS-REV8-Feb10 [PDF, 98.1 KB]
4000-35 PCS BLK 2X50 3.0
4000-35 PCS BLK 2X50 3.0
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